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Paranormal Prophecies

A Witness

Presents alleged manifestations of upcoming catastrophic events. Advocates for repentance.

Ancient Myths: The Mothman Prophecies

Reviews the history of the Mothman stories, as well as specific reports.


Online version of the weekly syndicated column of Gordon-Michael Scallion, a futurist.

Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment

Explains organization, holistic health, spiritual growth, ancient mysteries, and news. Includes Cayce biography.

Hopi Prophecies

Documents the warnings and prophecies handed down orally through Hopi elders, with Blue Star Kachina, prophecy rock, end of the world, and Star Brothers.

Leo Hartmann

Presents insights and discussions on apocalyptic dreams, dualism, and immortality.

Native American Prophesies

Offers links to Rainbow Family prophesies, as well as Lakota Sioux, Age of Purification, and other Hopi prophesies.

New Heaven and Earth

Provides news, consumer protection information, and other particulars for spiritual seekers.


Site dedicated to Sollog, a US political prisoner who claims to have predicted tragic events such as the Asian Tsunami and the American Hurricanes.

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