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Find sites dedicated to out of the body experiences or astral travel. Unlike dreaming or near death experiences, astral projection may be practised deliberately and sites here include advice on how to do so.
  • About.com: Out of Body Experiences

    Presents articles on out of body experiences, astral flight, grounding, lucid dreaming, remote viewing, and other related phenomena.

  • Astral Dynamics

    Aims to serve as a means to discover one's spiritual nature and higher self. With tutorials and workshops.

  • Astral Explorers

    Yahoo group for those interested in astral travel and out of body experiences.

  • Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences

    Addresses control, mindset, methods, questions, and benefits. Includes workshops, events, newsletter, and letters.

  • The Astral Pulse

    Information and articles about astral projection, out of body experience, out of body travel, and metaphysics.

  • Astral Web

    Features a few techniques on exploring astral projection. With answers to frequently asked questions on the topic.

  • How to Have an Out-Of-Body Experience

    Relates steps in Robert Monroe's method, including the hypnagogic state, concentrating consciousness, vibrations, and leaving the body.

  • Out Of Body Experiences

    Furnishes definition, aspects, opinions, and messages. Includes links to related information.

  • Out-Of-Body Experiences and Lucid Dreams

    A scholarly article from The Lucidity Institute to describe and understand the nature of this widespread and potent experience.

  • Spiritual Travel

    Introduces a spiritual approach to the out-of-body experience. With a mystical and visionary purview.

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