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Paranormal Organizations

Alister Hardy Trust

Collects, researches and disseminates information about the nature and function of contemporary spiritual/religious experience and its importance today.

The Atlantic Paranormal Society

Group dedicated to capturing evidences of paranormal activities. Aims to comfort those in fear and uncertainty by providing information on the possible causes of controversial or unnatural events.

Beyond Paranormal

Contains photos, stories, news, articles, and other paranormal activity.

Canadian Association of Ufology and Paranormal Phenomena (CAUPP)

Studies paranormal phenomena and UFO sightings in Canada. Includes background, news, events, forum, articles, and reporting information.

Chasing Midnight

Organization aims to capture a full apparition on digital film and video as an international pursuit of the strange, mysterious and unexplainable events.

Eerie Investigations

Team dedicated to investigating the strange, unknown, and the paranormal. Site contains news, forums, and a compilation of stories.

Exceptional Human Experience Network

Educational and research organization studying all types of anomalous experiences. Contains articles, research, book reviews and advice on documenting experiences.

The Monroe Institute

Nonprofit educational and research organization explores the evolution and growth on human consciousness through states of expanded awareness. Also offers educational programs and memberships.

Moorestown Ghost Research

Organization engaged in ghost research and the investigation of the paranormal.

Northern Ireland Paranormal Research Association (NIPRA)

Site provides information on NIPRA's aims and activities, contact details, articles, photos, and galleries of evidences that support paranormal activity.

Paranormal Australia

Organization overview with news, a photo gallery, media resources, information on investigations and hauntings, and an index of submitted paranormal experiences.

Paranormal Crossroads Investigations

Furnishes information on organization, team members, and news and events. Serves Florida and Lima, Peru.

Paranormal Investigators

Nonprofit paranormal research group in the City of Edmonton, Canada. Site presents information on investigations, haunted places, and local cemeteries.

Paranormal Research & Investigations

Conducts experimental research on paranormal phenomena and to publish online scientific/educational materials.

Paranormal Research Organization

Aims to support paranormal field researchers and investigators through a wide range of educational resources.

Paranormal Research Society

Dedicated to exploring the unknown, this organization's mission is to "scientifically and spiritually" explore the supernatural. Includes news, educational resources and event details.

ParaResearchers of Ontario

Provides services for exploring in-depth unusual and supernatural topics and events. Covers ghosts and hauntings, alien abductions, cryptozoology, and psychic phenomena.

ParaResearchers of Quebec

Group of researchers and investigators who specialize in cryptozoology and the study of UFOs and ghosts.


Conducts studies, research, survey, reviews, and investigation of all types of paranormal phenomena.

Psi Research Centre

Founded by Dr.Serena Roney-Dougal, the centre offers lectures, workshops, books and tapes.

Shadow Research, Inc.

Investigates and gathers information about unidentified flying objects and extraordinary events.

The Shadowlands

Aims to investigate and provide public awareness about ghosts and haunting, mysterious creatures, UFO's, extraterrestrials, and other unexplainable circumstances.

Society of Paranormal Encounters of Canada, Training and Entity Research

Information on the society's history with "ghost pictures," related links, and tips and tricks in photographing ghosts.

Society of Paranormal Investigators

Nonprofit organization in Singapore registered with the government. Aims to promote and improve knowledge and understanding of paranormal phenomena and related superstitions and myths.


Official website of the Southeast Paranormal Investigation and Research Team of Pennsylvania. Presents news, information on investigations, contact details, and related links.

Temples of Wisdom

Voluntary charitable organization dedicated to helping "lost and confused souls.".

Tennessee Spirits Paranormal Investigators

Overview of the group with news, contact details, documents, calendar of activities, and forums.

Veritas Society

Community created for the discussion, study, teaching, and learning of the metaphysical arts.

Voyage Into Paranormal Society

Paranormal research and investigation specialists working to collect evidences on unexplained or mysterious phenomena. Conducts confidential interviews for those who have paranormal situations to report.

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