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Paranormal Investigators in the United States

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Lists paranormal investigators in the United States; paranormal investigators will normally undertake investigations in locations where paranormal phenomena has been reported.
  • AlamedaParanorm

    Team that travels all over the globe to investigate paranormal phenomena.

  • American Association of Paranormal Investigators

    Non-profit paranormal assembly devoted to research and documentation of paranormal phenomena.

  • American Paranormal Research Association

    A scientific paranormal research team that was put together solely to investigate historical locations throughout the United States.

  • Big River Paranormal

    Offers information on the activities of these Investigators covering Idaho, Oregon and Vancouver Washington.

  • Center for Paranormal Investigation Association

    Paranormal research and investigation services of New York.

  • Cosmic Society of Paranormal Investigation

    Paranormal investigators based in Connecticut and founded in 1995.

  • Eastern Pennsylvania Paranormal Society (EPPS)

    Organization created to undertake professional and organized paranormal research using scientific gadgetry and proven techniques for investigation.

  • Ghost Hunts USA

    Team of paranormal investigators that host ghost hunting tours and events.

  • The Ghost Sleuth

    Official website of the Paranormal Investigators of Idaho. Presents ghost photos, advice, success stories, and related links.

  • GotHaunts? Paranormal

    Highlights the activities and findings of this paranormal team based in Central Texas.

  • Haunted Hocking

    Official website of the Hocking Hills Investigation team. Presents ghost stories, photographs, and personal accounts of ghostly sightings.

  • HuntersUnknown

    Paranormal travel adventure group investigating historical mysteries, legends, hauntings, cryptids, and UFOs.

  • Idaho Paranormal Society

    Group of like-minded individuals who do volunteer work in researching and investigating paranormal phenomena.

  • Memphis-Mid South Ghost Hunters

    Paranormal investigation team serving Western Tennessee, Eastern Arkansas, and Northern Mississippi. Offers confidential investigation, ghost research, and ghost hunting equipment and training.

  • Ojai Paranormal Investigators

    Specializing in recording EVP; audible specific messages and helping clients/authorities world wide.

  • Paranormal and Ghost Society

    Overview of the organization with information on services and tours, investigation archives, photos, and related links.

  • Paranormal Research Society of New England (PRSNE)

    Conducts investigations and evaluations on cases of haunting. Also provides paranormal advice, classes, and evidence gathering.

  • Paranormal Societies

    Searchable database of investigative groups, includes background, articles, equipment, and contacts.

  • San Diego Paranormal Research

    Investigates with spirit medium, Bonnie Vent. Includes news, films, video, and details on specific locations.

  • Skeleton Crew

    Paranormal research society's website presents photos, submitted stories, a calendar of events, and information on investigations and exorcisms.

  • South Eastern Idaho Paranormal Society

    Provides FAQ and information on this paranormal society's investigative methods and protocols.

  • Southern Ghosts

    Field investigators specializing in paranormal phenomena and manifestations. Also coordinates paranormal-themed events and weekend investigations of haunted locations.

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