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Paranormal Investigators in the United States


Team that travels all over the globe to investigate paranormal phenomena.

American Association of Paranormal Investigators

Non-profit paranormal assembly devoted to research and documentation of paranormal phenomena.

American Paranormal Research Association

A scientific paranormal research team that was put together solely to investigate historical locations throughout the United States.

Big River Paranormal

Offers information on the activities of these Investigators covering Idaho, Oregon and Vancouver Washington.

Center for Paranormal Investigation Association

Paranormal research and investigation services of New York.

Connecticut Paranormal Research Society

Nonprofit organization established to help or provide assistance to people with paranormal disturbances.

Cosmic Society of Paranormal Investigation

Paranormal investigators based in Connecticut and founded in 1995.

Eastern Pennsylvania Paranormal Society (EPPS)

Organization created to undertake professional and organized paranormal research using scientific gadgetry and proven techniques for investigation.

Ghost Hunts USA

Team of paranormal investigators that host ghost hunting tours and events.

Ghost Research Society

Site provides an overview of the organization, newsletters, answers to frequently asked questions, feature articles, and related links.

GotHaunts? Paranormal

Highlights the activities and findings of this paranormal team based in Central Texas.

Haunted Hocking

Official website of the Hocking Hills Investigation team. Presents ghost stories, photographs, and personal accounts of ghostly sightings.


Paranormal travel adventure group investigating historical mysteries, legends, hauntings, cryptids, and UFOs.

Idaho Paranormal Society

Group of like-minded individuals who do volunteer work in researching and investigating paranormal phenomena.

International Ghost Hunters Society

Official website providing ghost hunting resources, articles, information, and coverage of past hunts.

Memphis-Mid South Ghost Hunters

Paranormal investigation team serving Western Tennessee, Eastern Arkansas, and Northern Mississippi. Offers confidential investigation, ghost research, and ghost hunting equipment and training.

Ojai Paranormal Investigators

Specializing in recording EVP; audible specific messages and helping clients/authorities world wide.

Paranormal and Ghost Society

Overview of the organization with information on services and tours, investigation archives, photos, and related links.

Paranormal Research Society of New England (PRSNE)

Conducts investigations and evaluations on cases of haunting. Also provides paranormal advice, classes, and evidence gathering.

Paranormal Societies

Searchable database of investigative groups, includes background, articles, equipment, and contacts.

San Diego Paranormal Research

Investigates with spirit medium, Bonnie Vent. Includes news, films, video, and details on specific locations.

Skeleton Crew

Paranormal research society's website presents photos, submitted stories, a calendar of events, and information on investigations and exorcisms.

South Glens Falls Paranormal Society

Profiles this non-Profit Paranormal group located in upstate NY.

Southern Ghosts

Field investigators specializing in paranormal phenomena and manifestations. Also coordinates paranormal-themed events and weekend investigations of haunted locations.

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