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Paranormal Crop Circles

The Circle Vault Project

Aims to investigate into the reality of crop circle formations. Bias to the authenticity of the crop circle phenomenon has been expressed by the researchers of this project though.

Crop Circle Connector

Extensive collection of crop circle information including photographs, news, and researcher resources.

Crop Circles Deciphered

Suggests that the crop circle phenomenon can be decoded using Biblical numerics, symbolisms, history, metaphors, and parables.

Crop Circles Jewelry

Collection of jewelry that feature hidden messages similar to those implicated in crop circles.

Crop Circles: Quest for Truth

Comprehensive presentation elaborates on the concept and mystery of crop circles. With videos and interviews.

Crop Files

Database of crop circle evidences and discussions. Aims to pique curiosity or arouse critical thinking.

Crystalinks Crop Circles

Presents crop circle theories, symbolisms, signs, articles, and photos.

Dutch Crop Circle Archive

Skim through photos and videos of crop circles from around the world. Find related articles and books as well.

The International Crop Circle Database

Web catalog of crop circle formations in different parts of the world.

Light Circles

Displays photos of amazing crop circle formations and presents arguments that attest to the veracity of crop circles.

The Spiritual Genome

Links the DNA architecture to the crop circle phenomenon. With photos, abstracts, and personal essays.

Swirled News

Resource for "informed reports" and commentary on crop circles. By the Southern Circular Research Organization.

UK Crop Circles

Displays photo sets, presents new crop circle sightings, accommodates crop circle reports, and hosts a discussion forum.

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