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Mailing lists, forums and message boards concerned with paranormal phenomena, ghosts, hauntings, UFOs and paranormal experiences.
  • Alchemy Forums

    Dedicated to all forms of alchemy, such as spiritual, practical, psychological, mutational and its historical aspects.

  • Aliendisc

    A paranormal, conspiracy theory, and UFO forum.

  • Altered Dimensions

    Information, resources, articles, and forums discussing aliens, creatures, conspiracy, ghosts, and crime.

  • Anybody There

    Features "psychic chat," paranormal chat rooms, and forums. With news, photos, games, and downloads.

  • Forums - Paranormal & Supernatural

    For discussions of everything that might be classed as paranormal.

  • Paranormal Phenomenon

    Hosts psychic chats, presents horoscopes, and features psychic readings.

  • Paranormal Research Forum

    Monthly gathering centered on exploring and discussing paranormal matters.

  • Pathways

    Facilitates discussions and interaction among enthusiasts of the paranormal realm. With selections of related articles.

  • Shandorh's Temple of the Bizarre

    Features discussions, photos, and stories about the paranormal world. With odd news and downloadable items.

  • Spiritual Forums

    Community for people to discuss spiritual, paranormal, metaphysical, philosophical, supernatural, complementary therapies, and esoteric subjects.

  • Supernatural Earth

    Forum to discuss stories about ghosts, U.F.O's, strange but true, living wonders, the occult and any other paranormal events.

  • Talk Paranormal

    Online discussions about paranormal topics including ghosts and haunting, metaphysical and occult, near death experiences, astral projection, strange creatures and monsters, and paranormal literature.

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