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Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle and Antarctica

Ezine Articles provides an article that proposes a relatively new explanation of the Bermuda Triangle "mystery" that may be in connection with meteorites in Antarctica.

The Bermuda Triangle and Space-Time Warps

Presents the believer's side of the debate, perpetrating the "mystery".

Bermuda Triangle Mystery

Features book reviews, and documented incidents in the Bermuda Triangle.

The Skeptic's Dictionary: Bermuda (or "Devil's") Triangle

Reviews location, size, theories, skepticism, modern legends, and articles, books, and television programs. Includes links to books and websites.


Provides a directory of links on the topic of the Bermuda Triangle.

The UnMuseum: The Bermuda Triangle

Describes location, origin of the term, early reports, Kusche's theory, and details of specific incidents.

World Mysteries - Bermuda Triangle and Incidents

Reiterates the well-known stories and incidents related to the Bermuda Triangle, plus a few lesser known ones and a list of air- and seacraft losses. Bermuda Triangle

Provides a map and details of the approximate location of the area of Atlantic Ocean labeled as the Bermuda Triangle.

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