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Vietnam War Veteran Unit Activities

  • ¼ Cav Hub Site

    First troop of fourth United States cavalry. Features soldiers who sacrificed in the battle.

  • ¾ Cavalry Chapter

    Promotes and gives tribute to the veterans of the 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry, 25th Infantry division, and the United States army.

  • 1/92nd Field Artillery Association

    Presents unit history and honor to the departed and includes stories and postings.

  • 101st Airborne 327th Infantry Regiment

    Article presents stories and memories of the men fought including the 1st and 2nd battalion. Features details of memorials and reunions.

  • 11th ACVVC Blackhorse

    Provides overview of the armored cavalry’s veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia. Includes information on reunions organized.

  • 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment

    Provides information on Blackhorse M Company and includes photo gallery, stories, message board.

  • 173d Airborne Brigade Association

    Association features a history in Okinawa. Contains page exclusive for members and public information available.

  • 173rd

    Features a tribute to Sky soldiers during the past and at present with photographs included.

  • 199th Light Infantry Brigade

    Shows tribute to the memory of the departed and contains document, news, and photos.

  • 2nd Brigade 1st Air Cavalry Division

    Presents honor to Vietnam veterans and includes memorial for companies of the brigade.

  • 336th Assault Helicopter Company

    Features T-Birds and Warriors of combat battalion and aviation brigade in Vietnam.

  • 4th Battalion 12th Infantry Regiment

    Features a tribute to men and women that served in the 199th Redcatcher brigade with stories and pictures included.

  • 5th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment

    Association presents honor to the officers and men who sacrificed to the war. Contains quotations and photos.

  • 5th Special Forces Group

    Collection of information with photographs from men of the troops while in Vietnam.

  • 8th Battalion 4th Artillery

    Contains group messaging including reunion photos with the veterans.

  • 9th Division Black Panthers

    Infantry division presents acknowledgment and contains message board and American veterans forum.

  • 9th Infantry Regiment

    Focuses on the Vietnam Era Manchus. Contains details on memorial, history, trip, and reunions.

  • Angry Skipper

    Highlights radio call sign for delta company, 2nd battalion, 1st and 8th Cavalry in Vietnam and includes reunion information and photos.

  • Co B, 1/7th Cavalry

    Homepage dedicated to pay tribute in honor of the departed ones during the war.

  • Delta Co 2/14th

    Right of the line presents unit members and contains related homepage and messages.

  • Headquarters and Headquarters Troop 2nd Squadron/17th Cavalry

    Airborne division provides information on the troop. Contains message board and photos.

  • Hotel Michelin

    Features a tribute to the men who fought in the rubber plantation in Vietnam.

  • K Troop

    Armored cavalry regiment presents a tribute and honor to the men who fought in the Vietnam War.

  • Old Guard

    Provides central point where men assigned to the 2nd battalion assembles with common experiences, and presents honor to the officers and men of the infantry brigade.

  • Old Spooks and Spies

    Southeast Asia ASA Veterans Association feature old spooks and spies. Includes details of leadership, membership, memorial, and service projects.

  • Portal-1st Aviation Brigade

    Focuses on the topic of the US army’s aviation brigade during the war in Vietnam and includes the history of the brigade, unit citations, and the names of those missing in action.

  • Quan Loi: Journey Into Your Past

    Provides information on ABtry 6/27thArty and contains news updates, story, and photos.


    Historical details of the troop presented. Includes a message board and related links.

  • Ray's Map Room

    Details on the Vietnam area of operation with topographic digital map images featured.

  • Redcatcher

    Association of the 199th light infantry brigade presents history with order of battle.

  • Redcatcher 10 Alpha

    Presents a call sign used in Vietnam in the light infantry brigade with communication officers featured.

  • Sergeant Fats

    Recollections of the Vietnam War from American soldiers, including personal insights and photos .

  • Tall Comanche

    Presents details on company C in Vietnam with historical information, stories, and reunions.

  • Troop 4th Squadron 12th US Cavalry

    Article views a story of the Veterans and contains history, troop lineage, and photos.

  • Vietnam - My Story

    Chronicles document stating experience while in Vietnam and contains story and fire fight audio.

  • Vietnam Dog Handlers Association

    Association features veteran battle dogs that served during the Vietnam War.

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