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Memorial Web Sites for Individual Soldiers

  • Alden Boyington Rowe

    Tribute to a veteran who is a union private from the civil war. Contains biography and scanned documents.

  • Allen Chaney

    Contains autobiography of a veteran in Vietnam combat infantry. With descriptions of career and the meaning of service badges.

  • Batt, Michael L.

    Memorial to the U.S. Army sergeant and U21A aircraft passenger found missing or killed in action during their flight in March 16, 1969.

  • Calvin C. Glover

    Remembers a veteran from Vietnam who has not been heard or found since. Contains biography, information on loss, and photographs.

  • Captain Paul D. Urquhart

    Dedicated to the memory of a helicopter pilot with the 101st airborne division as missing in action in a mid-air collision on the way to Saigon.

  • Charles Richard Mullan Jr.

    Young man killed in Vietnam. Includes biography, photographs, memories, and comments.

  • Christian Eugene Wentworth

    Dedicated to a US military that served as a door gunner during the war in Vietnam. With article containing biography and other information.

  • Dennis M. Rattin

    In honor of US army sergeant who is missing in action in Laos. Includes biography and details of last mission.

  • Donald J. MacMillan

    Contains veteran’s personal homepage of the US Marine Corps.

  • Edward Gargano

    Tribute to a veteran killed in an ambush while serving with the 22nd marine amphibious unit as part of the multinational peacekeeping force in Lebanon.

  • George A. Smith

    Gives honor to a US army in the 7th Infantry Division that served during World War II. With pictures included.

  • George C. Scott

    Reminisces the enlisted US marine in the closing days of World War II.

  • Harry Hansell

    Contains a veteran’s story of a staff in Royal Canadian Air Force who sacrificed life for serving the country during World War II.

  • Huntleys in the Military

    Contains insights and other details on the memory of actions and sacrifices of the Huntleys.

  • Jacob J. Wiebe

    Dedicated to an officer of marines who died in an aircraft accident in Arizona. Also includes biography.

  • Jim Gusto

    Honor to a veteran who served in Charlie Company and airborne division. Contains news updates and recollections.

  • Jim Henthorns

    Tribute to a Vietnam veteran who served with the 21st helicopter squadron. Includes list of fallen comrades.

  • Kenneth Ray Lancaster

    In honor of the US army sergeant first class that had served in Vietnam. With details on the last mission.

  • Last Two Men Killed in Vietnam

    Dedicated to the memory of two men who lost lives in Vietnam during the fall of Saigon.

  • LeRoy V. Watson

    Tribute to a father that served in the US army air forces in India during WWII.

  • Michael Paul Burns

    Tribute to a veteran in US army special forces in Laos. Contains the soldier's profile and remarks.

  • Richard D. Costelow

    Tribute to a veteran who served aboard the USS Cole. Contains testimony, marriage encounter, writings, and photos.

  • Sgt. John Basilone

    Highlights a veteran, who fought in Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima and was awarded with a Congressional Medal of Honor. Contains links to his documentary movie and foundation.

  • Stanley Galik

    In memory of a veteran who served in the Civilian Conservation Corps and with the US Navy during World War II. Includes biography, photo gallery, and poetry.

  • Vijyant Thapar

    Tribute to a captain that laid down the life for the nation. Contains biography and details of his loss.

  • Wayne Morris Bell

    Memorial to a veteran that was killed in action during the Vietnam War. Contains information about helicopter pilot’s association.

  • Wayne W. Felhofer

    Tribute to a veteran and describes the time in the army. Includes pictures and award citations.

  • William Albert Glasson, Jr.

    Memorial page of a veteran that has been missing since the war in Vietnam. Includes details of the last mission.

  • William Arthur Kimsey, Jr.

    Dedicated to the US army pilot who served in Vietnam and is found missing in action. With synopsis included.

  • World War II Photos

    Collection of photos, letters, memorabilia, and other documents related to the World War II. Details the military experience of Sgt. Ruppert.

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