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Memorial Web Sites for Individual Soldiers

Alden Boyington Rowe

Tribute to a veteran who is a union private from the civil war. Contains biography and scanned documents.

Allen Chaney

Contains autobiography of a veteran in Vietnam combat infantry. With descriptions of career and the meaning of service badges.

Batt, Michael L.

Memorial to the U.S. Army sergeant and U21A aircraft passenger found missing or killed in action during their flight in March 16, 1969.

Calvin C. Glover

Remembers a veteran from Vietnam who has not been heard or found since. Contains biography, information on loss, and photographs.

Charles Richard Mullan

Details a story of young man killed in Vietnam. Includes biography, photographs, memories, and comments.

Dennis M. Rattin

In honor of US army sergeant who is missing in action in Laos. Includes biography and details of last mission.

Donald J. MacMillan

Contains veteran’s personal homepage of the US Marine Corps.

Edward Gargano

Tribute to a veteran killed in an ambush while serving with the 22nd marine amphibious unit as part of the multinational peacekeeping force in Lebanon.

George A. Smith

Gives honor to a US army in the 7th Infantry Division that served during World War II. With pictures included.

George C. Scott

Reminisces the enlisted US marine in the closing days of World War II.

Harry Hansell

Contains a veteran’s story of a staff in Royal Canadian Air Force who sacrificed life for serving the country during World War II.

Huntleys in the Military

Contains insights and other details on the memory of actions and sacrifices of the Huntleys.

Jacob J. Wiebe

Dedicated to an officer of marines who died in an aircraft accident in Arizona. Also includes biography.

Jim Gusto

Honor to a veteran who served in Charlie Company and airborne division. Contains news updates and recollections.

Jim Henthorns

Tribute to a Vietnam veteran who served with the 21st helicopter squadron. Includes list of fallen comrades.

Joseph L. Begin

Dedicated in honor of a veteran of the 180th engineer heavy ponton battalion. Includes story, list of army ranks, and links.

Kenneth Ray Lancaster

In honor of the US army sergeant first class that had served in Vietnam. With details on the last mission.

Last Two Men Killed in Vietnam

Dedicated to the memory of two men who lost lives in Vietnam during the fall of Saigon.

LeRoy V. Watson

Tribute to a father that served in the US army air forces in India during WWII.

Michael Paul Burns

Tribute to a veteran in US army special forces in Laos. Contains the soldier's profile and remarks.

Resol B. Puckett

In memory of a veteran served and sacrificed during the second World War. Provides information on the US army’s 75th infantry division.

Richard D. Costelow

Tribute to a veteran who served aboard the USS Cole. Contains testimony, marriage encounter, writings, and photos.

Sgt. John Basilone

Highlights a veteran, who fought in Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima and was awarded with a Congressional Medal of Honor. Contains links to his documentary movie and foundation.

Stanley Galik

In memory of a veteran who served in the Civilian Conservation Corps and with the US Navy during World War II. Includes biography, photo gallery, and poetry.

Vijyant Thapar

Tribute to a captain that laid down the life for the nation. Contains biography and details of his loss.

Wayne Morris Bell

Memorial to a veteran that was killed in action during the Vietnam War. Contains information about helicopter pilot’s association.

Wayne W. Felhofer

Tribute to a veteran and describes the time in the army. Includes pictures and award citations.

William Albert Glasson, Jr.

Memorial page of a veteran that has been missing since the war in Vietnam. Includes details of the last mission.

William Arthur Kimsey, Jr.

Dedicated to the US army pilot who served in Vietnam and is found missing in action. With synopsis included.

World War II Photos

Collection of photos, letters, memorabilia, and other documents related to the World War II. Details the military experience of Sgt. Ruppert.

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