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Conflict and War Memorial Web Pages

  • Beirut Memorial

    Dedicated to the US marines, soldiers, and sailors who lost lives resulting to terrorist bombing in Lebanon. Contains history and news updates.

  • Coronel Memorial

    Dedicated to the memory of the men and women that perished in the battle of Coronel.

  • Machen First World War Memorial

    Article provides insights on a war in memorial to men from Machen. Includes a map to the location.

  • Malaya Borneo Veterans

    Article contains views on the Malayan emergency and the confrontation between Malaysia and Indonesia.

  • New Zealand ANZAC Memorial

    Tribute to a father who had served during the invasion of Galipolli Penninsula.

  • Sittingbourne Remembers

    Dedicated to the memory of men and boys in Kent England that lost lives in the war.

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