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Military Special Operations

Brigada Halcon

Describes the Police unit formed to combat criminal terrorism in Buenos Aires.

Dutch Marines 7NL Special Boat Section

Covers facts about the intelligence and anti-terrorist group of the Dutch marines' special unit.

Escadron Special D'Intervention

Provides brief description of the anti and counter-terrorist group in Belgium.

FAS: Joint Committee for Special Operations

Contains description and profile about the intelligence and special weapons gathering unit of Iran.

FAS: Republican Guard

Covers information about the Republican Guard Forces Command of Iraq. Includes list of armored division elements.

Force F

Information about the equipped force that fights organized crime and narco-terrorism in Mexico.

Global Special Operations 101

Features the specialized military force focused on strategic or operational objectives. Includes photos and combat videos.

Israeli Special Forces

Resource page contains information about the Israeli Special Forces that includes FAQs, membership, detailed guides, and photos.

Monada Ypovrixion Kastrofon

Contains brief description about the Greek Navy's special warfare unit.

MSNBC: Special Forces

Presents list of special forces in operation, that includes photos and descriptions.

Information for US and international special operations forces including units, operations, weapons, schools, and equipment.

Task Force 777

Discusses brief history and disadvantages of the Egyptian anti-terrorist group in a hostage rescue mission.

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