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Military Aircraft Trainers The Deadly Trainer

Features an article that talks about the dangers of flying the propeller-driven jet trainer of the U.S. Air Force Academy by Mark Thompson.

Federation of American Scientists: T-3A Firefly

Highlights the propeller driven aircraft used by Air Force Education and Training Command.

Federation of American Scientists: T-41 Mescalero

Features the aircraft used for pilot candidate screening. Includes history of development, specifications, and photo display.

Federation of American Scientists: T-45 Goshawk

Resource page for the T-45 Goshawk jet carrier aviation and tactical strike missions trainer.

Fouga Magister

Information and a history of this aircaraft in the Belgium Airforce. Includes some pilot profiles, articles and a production list.

U.S. Navy Fact File: T-45A Goshawk

Discusses the T-45A Goshawk training aircraft includes details on information about its features and characteristics.

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