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SR-71 Blackbird Aircraft SR-71 Blackbird

Presents description of the strategic reconnaissance aircraft including history, 3-view schematic, and specifications.

Contains links to U-2 and SR-71 information, photos, and specification details.

Congressional Record: Reactivation of the SR-71 Reconnaissance Aircraft

Reports the Senate hearing about the re-activation of the SR-71.

Dan Blackbird Page

Contents includes information on history and specifications, with photos, video and audio clips.

Firebirdv8's SR71 and Military Aircraft Site

Personal page of the SR71 military aircraft enthusiast provides photo galleries, FAQs, specifications, and related aircraft movies.

Non-profit site for the preservation and presentation of Blackbird information, featured stories and gallery of images.

Leland Hayne's: SR-71 Blackbirds

Web page of a retired USAF Master Sergeant who flew the SR-71 Blackbird. Also includes the SR-71 world record speed run information, news updates, and photos.

The Online Blackbird Museum

Non-profit web page that features a collection of Lockheed Blackbird photos, with history information and updates.

SR-71 Blackbird

Fan page presents link to the online aircraft museum, plus details on Blackbird patches, specifications, and photos.

SR-71 Online, An Online Aircraft Museum

Provides an image gallery of Lockheed Blackbird photos and SR-71 flight manual, with virtual tour of aviation museums and web search.

Tom Mahood's Search For A-12 #06928

Presents a narrative about the hunt for a spy aircraft that was lost thirty years ago. Includes prologue and epilogue information.

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