Top Cannabis Law Firms and Cannabis Attorneys

Cannabis Lawyers

  • Bobila Walker Law LLP

    Toronto, Canada law firm focuses on cannabis regulatory, advertising, marketing, security, litigation and employment matters. Includes services, laws and regulations.

  • Cannabis Attorneys of Michigan

    Providing comprehensive legal counsel to cannabis businesses across Michigan.

  • Cannabis Counsel

    Handles business licensing, regulatory compliance and advocacy. Includes attorney profiles, areas of practice, case results and upcoming events.

  • Cannabis Industry Lawyer

    Business lawyer assists clients in the cannabis industry with laws and regulations, trademarking, marketing, employee law, and contracting insights.

  • Cannabis Law Group

    Represents the interests of collectives, growers and medical marijuana patients from offices in California. Find firm and attorney profiles, services, results and locations. dnassiri

  • Cannabis Legal Group

    Law firm providing legal and Certified Public Accounting services to the marijuana industry in Michigan.

  • Cannalex Law

    Provides help with legal compliance, licensing, branding, equipment acquisition, and cannabis product labeling to marijuana and hemp business clients in Michigan.

  • cannapatents

    Provides patent protection services to global cannabis growers, processors and retailers. Office in Seattle, Washington.

  • Clark Neubert, LLP

    Attorneys serving Northern California, advising clients on matters of cannabis law and marijuana regulatory compliance.

  • Feiler Marijuana Law Firm

    Offers advice about medical marijuana rules and regulations in the state of Florida. Includes firm overview, services and newsletter. FLMarijuanaLaw

  • Green Light Law Group

    Law firm which specializes in the cannabis industry, serving clients in Oregon, Washington, California, New York, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Florida and Texas.

  • Greenspoon Marder LLP

    Concentrates on cannabis, hemp and medical marijuana sectors from multiple offices in the United States. Includes practice areas, state laws, attorney directory and locations. gmcannalaw

  • Harrison Jordan Marijuana Law Firm

    Offers help with CBD regulations and licenses in Ontario, Canada. Includes firm profile and blog. harjord

  • International Cannabis Bar Association

    Professional association and support network for lawyers working with clients in the cannabis and marijuana industry.

  • Law Offices of Omar Figueroa

    Offering legal representation on matters relating to hemp, CBD and cannabis law, across California.

  • McAllister Garfield, PC

    Full-service law firm that pioneers legal strategies and services for the marijuana industry, with offices in Denver and Los Angeles.

  • MJ Business Attorneys

    Specialist legal services for the medical and recreational marijuana business industry. Licensed in over 15 US states and in Israel.

  • Rogoway Law Group

    Providing legal representation for the cannabis industry in California, from offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Santa Rosa.

  • THC Legal Group

    Provides guidance with CBD business startups and intellectual property law. Includes services,startup package and videos. Based in Cleveland, Ohio.

  • Tom Dean - Attorney For Cannabis

    Represents individuals faced with marijuana charges in Arizona. Find attorney profile, practice areas, reform cases, testimonials and resources. Attrny4Cannabis

  • Vicente Sedberg, LLP

    Provides corporate, legal and regulatory services to companies of all types and sizes in the legal cannabis industry; offices across the US.

  • W. Michael Walz

    Focuses on marijuana cases in Phoenix, Arizona office. Includes attorney profile, cases and testimonials, and FAQs.

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