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Cannabis law is a rapidly developing field - stay up to date and on the right side of the law with the assistance of a top cannabis law firm. The specialist attorneys listed here work with companies supplying medical marijuana as well as recreational cannabis.

If you specialize in cannabis law, submit your site to this hand-picked directory and get your cannabis expertise in front of major clients in this emerging field.
  • Cannabis Attorneys of Michigan

    Providing comprehensive legal counsel to cannabis businesses across Michigan.

  • Cannabis Counsel

    Handles business licensing, regulatory compliance and advocacy. Includes attorney profiles, areas of practice, case results and upcoming events.

  • Cannabis Industry Lawyer

    Business lawyer assists clients in the cannabis industry with laws and regulations, trademarking, marketing, employee law, and contracting insights.

  • Cannabis Law Group

    Represents the interests of collectives, growers and medical marijuana patients from offices in California. Find firm and attorney profiles, services, results and locations. dnassiri

  • Cannabis Legal Group

    Law firm providing legal and Certified Public Accounting services to the marijuana industry in Michigan.

  • Cannalex Law

    Provides help with legal compliance, licensing, branding, equipment acquisition, and cannabis product labeling to marijuana and hemp business clients in Michigan.

  • cannapatents

    Provides patent protection services to global cannabis growers, processors and retailers. Office in Seattle, Washington.

  • Clark Neubert, LLP

    Attorneys serving Northern California, advising clients on matters of cannabis law and marijuana regulatory compliance.

  • Feiler Marijuana Law Firm

    Offers advice about medical marijuana rules and regulations in the state of Florida. Includes firm overview, services and newsletter. FLMarijuanaLaw

  • Gleam Law

    Full-service law firm serving clients in the cannabis industry. Available to assist with all legal needs, including trademarks, patents, copyrights, real estate law, business law, litigation, or mergers and acquisitions; features attorneys with extensive experience in the legal marijuana, hemp, and CBD industry.

  • Green Light Law Group

    Law firm which specializes in the cannabis industry, serving clients in Oregon, Washington, California, New York, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Florida and Texas.

  • Greenspoon Marder LLP

    Concentrates on cannabis, hemp and medical marijuana sectors from multiple offices in the United States. Includes practice areas, state laws, attorney directory and locations. gmcannalaw

  • Harris Bricken

    Helps businesses with cannabis regulation, litigation and governance from offices in CA, OR and WA. Includes services, news and office locations.

  • Harrison Jordan Marijuana Law Firm

    Offers help with CBD regulations and licenses in Ontario, Canada. Includes firm profile and blog. harjord

  • International Cannabis Bar Association

    Professional association and support network for lawyers working with clients in the cannabis and marijuana industry.

  • Law Offices of Omar Figueroa

    Offering legal representation on matters relating to hemp, CBD and cannabis law, across California.

  • McAllister Garfield, PC

    Full-service law firm that pioneers legal strategies and services for the marijuana industry, with offices in Denver and Los Angeles.

  • MJ Business Attorneys

    Specialist legal services for the medical and recreational marijuana business industry. Licensed in over 15 US states and in Israel.

  • Rogoway Law Group

    Providing legal representation for the cannabis industry in California, from offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Santa Rosa.

  • THC Legal Group

    Provides guidance with CBD business startups and intellectual property law. Includes services,startup package and videos. Based in Cleveland, Ohio.

  • Tom Dean - Attorney For Cannabis

    Represents individuals faced with marijuana charges in Arizona. Find attorney profile, practice areas, reform cases, testimonials and resources. Attrny4Cannabis

  • Vicente Sedberg, LLP

    Provides corporate, legal and regulatory services to companies of all types and sizes in the legal cannabis industry; offices across the US.

  • W. Michael Walz

    Focuses on marijuana cases in Phoenix, Arizona office. Includes attorney profile, cases and testimonials, and FAQs.

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