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Survivalism Issues

Alpha Disaster Contingencies

Magazine guide for surviving various unlikely situations. Contains articles, survival stories, and other relevant discussions.

The American Civil Defense Association

Collection of information, resources, and tools for American citizens to learn about reasonable preparedness strategies and techniques.

Australian Survivalist

Defines the basics of survivalism, elaborates on its principles and discipline, and introduces the notable people who advocate for it.

BlueWolf Survival and Preparedness

Learn basic, intermediate, advanced preparedness lessons from this comprehensive guide.

Disaster Preparedness and Response

Directory of resources for preparedness. Includes disaster plans, case histories, and other relevant documents.

End Times Report

"Guide to self reliant living." Tackles various means to preparedness.

Equipped to Survive

Contains independent reviews and information on outdoor gear, survival equipment, and techniques.

Nuclear War Survival Skills

Online book contains nuclear faccts and self-help instructions.

Aims to educate the public about who preppers are and what they are doing. Includes links to prepper networks in the US and Canada.

Radical Survivalism

Web magazine on survivalism featuring reviews, news, and how-to guides.

Radios & Antennas for Survivalists

Offers radio communication, antenna system, fixed base, and mobile communications devices useful for survivalists.


Free resource for crisis training and preparedness. Includes survival discussions in cases of fire.

School of Self-Reliance

Provides helpful information on time-timing, wild food, and other survival topics. With a host of various articles.

Secrets of Survival

Comprehensive site for survival information. Covers nuclear holocaust, wilderness, terrorism, animal attacks, end of the world, and meteor destruction subjects.

Survival Bill

Forums for survivalists and preppers. Includes concise guides on dealing with various disasters and catastrophes.

Survival Books

Official website of Path Finder Publications offering.

Survival Table of Contents

Presents information on survival actions and explores the psychology of survival.


Provides an array of downloadable text files related to survival.

Survivalist Forum

Features discussion boards covering a wide range of survivalist issues and topics.

Features a forum on survivalism, survival guide, field manuals, and answers to frequently asked survival questions.

Y2K, ?? la Carte

Discusses the personal and societal vulnerabilities of mankind to various collapses. Pages are grouped as stakes, odds, spins, humor, courage, and fora.

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