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Genetically Modified Food


Site of a Canadian company seeks to provide assessment expertise the public policy, regulation, and risks associated with biotechnology products.


Organization provides information supporting agricultural biotechnology, Includes articles, and biotech declaration.

Alliance for Better Foods

Organization that supports biotechnology and offers news, regulations and information.

Center for Food Safety

Conveys opposition to the proliferation of harmful food production technologies. Promotes the organic food production and sustainable agriculture instead.

Genetically Manipulated Food

Indexes news, articles, and links to informative websites regarding genetically altered food or crops.

Genetically Modified Food

Find news or updates related to the issues of genetic modification in food.

GM Contamination Register

Register complied as a resource for individuals, public interest groups and governments.


Provides current news and articles tracking allegedly deceptive PR about genetically modified food and crops.

The Golden Rice Report

Modified rice crops can erase the VADD (vitamin A deficiency-related disorders) that plagues third world countries.

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

Fosters the operation of resilient family farms, rural communities, and ecosystems via research, education, and advocacy for science and technology.

Non-GMO Project

Organization raising awareness of the health risks with GMO's and working to educate the public on making other choices.

Non-GMO Shopping Guide

Find information about avoiding genetically modified foods and download a guide showing everything from dairy to vitamins that are verified non-GMO.

Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology

Examines health and environmental issues related to genetically modifying animals and plants.

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