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Geofictional Micronations


Contends the notion of Bergonia being an imaginary country. Presents Bergonia as a real nation located in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Got Nation

Check out this simulation tool that allows for one to run a nation at a macro-economic perspective.

Gulliver's Travels

Comprehensive presentation of the various well known fictional places told in stories and folklores by Jonathan Swift.

Imaginary Places

E.R. Beardsley's sectional presentation of the concept of fictional kingdoms, nations, or cities.

Kingdom of Kaupelan

Provides a virtual trip around the Kaupelan Archipelago, a micronation between the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Magic Carpet for the Soul

Features Alberto Manguel and Gianni Guadalupi's dictionary of imaginary places.

Nation States

Free nation simulation game that allows players to create and run their political ideals and corporate state policies.

The United Empire of Rainbowisland and Montana

Empire profile with presentations of its flag, geography, history, politics, culture, and defense.

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