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Language Political Correctness

A Politically Correct Lexicon

An article which discusses political correct speech and contains a brief glossary of the terms.

Against the Theory of Sexist Language

Argues the ideas of the feminist efforts to impose reforms on the English language.

On Freedom of Expression and Campus Speech Codes

The American Association of University Professor policy statement which was endorsed by AAUP's Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure and by its Council at their meetings in June 1992.

The Origins of Political Correctness

This speech, delivered by Bill Lind at the 2000 Conservative University at American University, has been delivered in different variations ever since. It outlines the history of politically correct speech and chronicles its march against freedom.

Political Correctness

Outlines the history and ramifications of political correctness on the English language.

Political Correctness Watch

Professor offers articles and opinions on the creep of political correctness throughout the world.

Psychodynamics of Political Correctness

Professor of Organizational Behavior Howard S. Schwarts' thesis, published in the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, traces the history and effects of politically correct speech on the direction of the nation.

Relativistic Patterns in Totalitarian Thinking

Mikhail Epstein delves into the use of the language of Soviet ideology.

Sensitive Language

An essay intended to be a general guide to language which can perpetuate discriminatory values and practices or cause offense.

Urban Dictionary: Political Correctness

Open source slang dictionary's section addressing the term.

What You Can't Say

Dissertation which advances the idea that just as there are silly fashions, there are moral fashions, and that they are more dangerous and arbitrary.

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