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Patent Issues

Are Software Patents Evil?

Essay by Paul Graham discusses patent law, patenting software, complaints, conflict, infringement, and patent trolls.

Bust Patents

Offers legal resources and tools for addressing the patenting frenzy of the Internet. With a database of computer source codes for busting patents.

End Software Patents

Documents the case against software patents, with news, studies, arguments, country details, lawsuits, and the Patent Reform Act.

Negative Correlation of Innovation and Software Patents

Appendix D of the 1994 Patent Office submission by the League for Programming Freedom charts patents granted by year and company.

No Software Patents

Multilingual presentation campaigning against software patenting in the European Union.

The Non-Patent Side of Software Patents

Juxtaposes the justifications of patenting and social impacts of it. By Gérald-Sédrati-Dinet.

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