Water Fluoridation Health Issues in the Best of the Web Directory

Water Fluoridation Health Issues

  • Fluoride Action Network

    International coalition dedicated to broadening public awareness about fluoride toxicity and health impacts.

  • Fluoride Facts

    Site of the Massachusetts Coalition for Oral Health campaigning for the use of effective oral health programs and presenting evidences in support of community water fluoridation.

  • Fluoride History

    Chronicles the story of fluorine, fluoride, and fluoridation, tracking the discovery and use of these controversial terms or subjects.

  • Fluoride in Beds

    Anti-fluoride petition with links to fluoride-free products. Also presents the pros and cons of fluoridation.

  • Fluoride Information Network

    Cites the allegedly distortions and misrepresentations of fluoride and fluoridation facts by the opposition proponents.

  • Fluoride News Tracker

    Posts blogs and news that describe the need to address dental problems through fluoridation.

  • The Fluoride Risk

    Presents a warning on the carcinogenic effects of fluoridation as claimed by medical professionals and scientists.

  • Fluoride: Protected Pollutant or Panacea?

    Evaluate the claims of the anti and pro sides of the water fluoridation issue. Go over the scientific abstracts and other articles presented.

  • Irish Dentists Opposing Fluoridation

    Avers that fluoride causes cancer, presents related news, and campaigns to stop fluoridation.

  • Preventive Dental Health Association

    Discusses the dangers of fluoride and proposes alternatives to it. With a book catalog on dental health.

  • Stop Fluoridation

    Information about the US campaign to stop fluoridation. Presents details of successes.

  • Water Fluoridation

    Site presents fluoride-fluoridation research, fact sheets, position papers, reviews, and links to pages of fluoridation proponents and opponents.

  • Zero Waste America: Fluoride

    Contains news, visuals, and articles that depict the American fluoride consumption through drinking water.

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