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Vaccination and Autism Articles

Autism - Cut The Crap

Claims that researchers and scientists conducted bogus studies supporting a link between mercury in vaccines and autism.

BBC News: Parents Reassured on Vaccine

Doctors say there is no link between a vaccine for mumps, measles and rubella, and autism or bowel disease in children.

CDC Knew: Mercury in Vaccines Induces Autism

Studies the CDC hidden from the public that supports parallel link between vaccines and autism.

NPR : Commentary: Autism and Vaccination

National Academy of Sciences affiliates said mercury in vaccines is not a cause in the rise of childhood autism.

NPR : Homeland Security Provision Bars Lawsuits Against Drug Maker

Reports on the Homeland Security Act that cancels approximately 200 lawsuits against drug maker Eli Lilly.

NPR : MMR Autism

Jon Hamilton reports on a new study showing no link between a commonly used childhood vaccine and autism.

NPR : Researcher Denies Link of Vaccines to Autism

New York Times Magazine article says a prominent vaccine researcher became concerned about the safety of some childhood inoculations but his views on a link with autism have been misrepresented.

Thimerosal in Childhood Vaccines, Neurodevelopment Disorders, and Heart Disease

Informative paper on vaccination side effects by Mark and David Geier.

Truth Behind the Vaccine Cover-up

Houses Dr. Russell Blaylock's review of a secret 2000 meeting between CDC officials and scientists about the use of thimerosal.

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