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Memory Controversies

"False Memory Syndrome" Facts

Recovered-memories therapist Linda Chapman presents resources about false memory syndrome, dissociation, delayed recall, repression, and recovered memories of child abuse and other traumatic events.

"I Tawt I Taw" A Bunny Wabbit At Disneyland: New Evidence Shows False Memories Can Be Created

Article describing an experiment where people were exposed to a fake print advertisement that described a visit to Disneyland.

Abelard - The Myth of Repressed Memory

Article that examines the proposal that humans are highly suggestible and memory is very unreliable. Site offers contact information and links to related topics.

Courage to Sue: A Parody of Psychotherapy

Believes in the principles that the healing is with the therapist rather than the patient.

Male Survivors of Childhood Sex Abuse

Relates first-person account of recovered memories from Scott Barak Abraham.

Memory and Reality

Official website of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation presents memory studies, retractor stories, legal information, newsletters, information on hypnosis, and a scientific focus.

Ohio Association of Responsible Mental Health Practices

State chapter of the national organization for mental health issues.

Pseudoscience, Cross-examination, and Scientific Evidence in the Recovered Memory Controversy

White paper from the American Psychological Association journal "Psychology, Public Policy, and Law", examining the concept of recovered memories from a research perspective.

Recovered Memories of Sexual Abuse

Presents scientific research and scholarly resources addressing amnesia and delayed recall for memories of childhood sexual abuse.

Recovered Memory Therapy

Describes repressed memories and recovered memory therapy from the point of view that it represents a therapy hoax.

Trauma & Cognitive Science Meeting

Focuses on how traumatic information is encoded, stored, and later retrieved from memory.

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