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ADHD and Medication

Balanced information on the proper use of Ritalin in individuals who might have attention deficit disorder.

ADHD Study: Study Points to More Targeted Use of Ritalin: Drug Not Effective For All

Article detailing researchers' findings how the drug Ritalin, which is used to combat hyperactivity, may even be detrimental for some children.

Better Children through Chemistry

Article, presented by Meta News, on the use of drugs, particularly Ritalin, to combat ADD.

The Drugging of Our Children

White paper discusses the condition, purpose of medicating, parental compliance, and parental rights to refuse medication.

No More Ritalin

Book by Dr. Mary Ann Block covering the use of Ritalin and a non-drug approach to treating children diagnosed with ADHD.

Our Kids on Ritalin

Reprint of article by Patti Johnson, Colorado State Board of Education, 2nd Congressional District. Discusses classrooms, behaviors, and medicating kids.

Ritalin and Junk Science

Alternative viewpoints on Ritalin use for ADHD, hyperactivity, and impulsivity in children. Includes contact information.

Ritalin Side Effects?

Two M.D.s describe the potential side effects of Ritalin.

Ritalin: Child Abuse On Prescription?

Article by a campaigning journalist in the UK, analyzing the marketing and use of Ritalin and related medications.

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