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Anti-Psychiatry Organizations

  • A Child's Guide to Social Work

    Emphasis of SWARE (Social Work Abuse Resistance Education) warns people about coercion and psychoactive drugs. The picture-book may be read online or downloaded in PDF format.

  • The Antipsychiatry Coalition

    Nonprofit volunteer organization of people who feel they have been harmed by psychiatry.

  • Citizens Commission on Human Rights - Mental Health Abuse

    Exposes the crimes of mental health practitioners through articles about fraud, pseudoscience, restraints, elderly and child abuse within the psychiatric systems.

  • Mental Health Faithweb

    Index to sites that explore abuses in the mental health field, including crimes committed by psychiatrists against their patients, Electro-Shock Therapy, involuntary commitment, abuse of psychotropic drugs and Ritalin.

  • Psychbusters Network

    Presents articles on psychiatric fraud. Topics include Ritalin, Prozac, ADD, ADHD, ECT.

  • -- Psych Abuses

    Dedicated to tracking and reporting criminal violations committed by psychotherapists in the State of Florida.

  • Say No To Psychiatry

    Offers information on the shortcomings of psychiatry. Includes topics on the history of psychiatry, medications, ECT, ADHD, and eugenics.

  • Support Coalition International's

    Voice of the movement against human rights violations in the psychiatric system. Features victims' tales and news about issues and trends.

  • Welcome World

    Life education center for healing and serving others as ourselves - the alternative to the verbal and physical abuse of psychiatry.

  • The Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses

    Resource site for parents, and a challenge to the biomedical mental health industry.

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