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Pro-Population Control

  • Church of Euthanasia

    Calls for radical action to implement population control measures. With news, resources, e-sermons, music, videos, and photos.

  • Die Off

    Pessimistic outlook on the problem of overpopulation. Cites the impending problems with resources and supplies for basic needs.

  • Facing the Future

    Dedicated to educating people of the adverse effects caused by overpopulation. Tackles globals issues such as population and sustainability.

  • Population Communications International

    Creative presentation offers stories to convey positive messages.

  • Population Connection

    Provides facts and factoids, action alerts, and educational presentations that support the campaign to impose population control measures.

  • Population Control: How Many Are too Many?

    Morris Sullivan's article describing the need to implore means to curb population growth. With links to population control resources.

  • The Population Institute

    Introduces the people and programs of this organization that aims to provide leadership in creating awareness on the adverse effects of overpopulation.

  • Population Media Center

    Discusses population issues and campaigns for the use of family planning methods.

  • Support US Population Stabilization

    Lobbies for support to a comprehensive Sierra Club Population Policy.

  • United Nations Population Fund

    Discusses population issues such as reproductive health, safe motherhood, child rearing, human rights, and gender equality.

  • The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

    Multilingual presentation asserts that the Earth's biosphere shall return to good health if the human race ceases to reproduce.

  • World Population Awareness

    News digest serves discussions and informative articles about overpopulation and its impacts.

  • World Population Balance

    Advertises the benefits of having a balanced world population. With an overview of the global population situation.

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