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Environmental Organizations

  • 1% For the Planet

    Global movement where hundreds of companies donate 1% of their profit to thousands of environmental organizations around the world. https://www.facebook.com/1percentfortheplanet 1PercentFTP

  • Alliance for America

    Presents information on the organization's membership, leadership, campaigns, issues and current activities.

  • Alliance for Wild Ethics

    A consortium of individuals and organizations working to ease the spreading devastation of the animate earth through a rapid transformation of culture.

  • Australian Conservation Foundation

    Describes the activities of the non-profit including its history, objectives, strategies, programs, policies, members, publications and press releases.

  • Baltic Fund for Nature

    Features the organization devoted to the preservation of the basin's biodiversity. Includes history, partners, publications and awards.

  • Bioneers

    An innovative nonprofit educational organization that highlights breakthrough solutions for restoring people and planet.

  • Center for Ecozoic Studies

    Advances new ideas and new ways of living and BEING in an ecological-cultural (ecozoic) age, through community events,publications, education, and art. https://www.facebook.com/pg/CenterForEcozoicSocieties/

  • Center for Whole Communities

    Offers information on the goals and strategies of the organization dedicated to conservation of the land and its people. Includes history and programs.

  • Circle of Life

    Highlights the activities of the foundation dedicated to peace, justice and environmental sustainability. Includes history, objectives and calendar of events.

  • Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow

    Presents information on the public policy organization dedicated to issues on the environment and development. Includes history, objectives and leadership.

  • Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund

    Non-profit public interest law firm works with communities to protect their rights and resources.

  • Department of the Planet Earth

    Information on the organization includes its history, objective, strategies, officers, programs and publications.

  • The E F Schumacher Society

    Established to maintain and develop the work of the author of "Small is Beautiful", and promote building strong local economies that link people, land, and community; includes details of their activities and projects, training, journal, resources, and contacts.

  • Earth Action

    Presents the aims of the organization including its history, strategies, programs, campaigns, supporters and partners.

  • Earth Charter Initiative

    Information on the movement includes its origins, objectives, programs and news. Offers copies in several languages.

  • Earth Organization

    International nonprofit organization committed environmental issues.

  • EarthCorps

    Nonprofit organization dedicated to environmental restoration. Site provides information on its history, objectives, leaders, staff, and programs.

  • EarthLab Foundation

    Works toward building a clean-energy world by providing and supporting research and conducting outreach and education emphasizing policies that accelerate the development of clean-energy technologies.

  • Earthlife Africa

    Nonprofit organization created to encourage and support individuals, businesses, and industries with active participation in pollution reduction, waste minimization, and natural resource protection.

  • EarthRights International

    Information on the non-profit includes its history, objectives, principles, leadership, membership, facilities, programs and publications.

  • Earthwatch Institute

    Promotes the activities of the organization dedicated to the establishment of a sustainable environment. Includes membership and expedition information.

  • EcoFuture

    Offers links to resources on environmental sustainability.

  • Ecology Action

    Presents a profile of the non-profit environmental consultant. With history, mission, projects, news and more.

  • Ecoterra

    Presents information on the non-government organization including its history, objectives, strategies, programs, members and supporters.

  • Eden Foundation

    Highlights the activities of the group dedicated to solving the problem of food inadequacy in Niger. Includes maps, philosophy and strategies.

  • Educational Communications

    Highlights the offerings of the non-profit dedicated to improving the quality of life on Earth. Includes links to publications, TV and radio programs.

  • Energy Probe Research Foundation

    Works to promote social, economic, and environmental well-being in Canada and abroad.

  • Environment Foundation

    Presents the activities of the organization dedicated to protecting and improving nature. Includes history, objectives, strategies and publications.

  • Environmental Resources Trust

    Provides information on the non-profit's activities including its history, objectives, programs, leaders, staff and publications.

  • Georgia Strait Alliance

    Describes the activities of the organization devoted to the protection and restoration of this marine environment. Includes leadership, history and programs.

  • Global Action Plan

    Presents the activities of the charity including its history, objectives, strategies, programs, policies, achievements and annual reports.

  • Global Justice Ecology Project

    Information on the organization includes its history, objectives, programs, membership, directories, endorsements and more.

  • Global Stewards

    Provides links to resources on the subject of sustainable living.

  • Global Vision International

    Facilitates wildlife and conservation expeditions. Supports and provides services to international charities, nonprofits, and government agencies through volunteering and direct funding.

  • Heartland All Species Project

    Featuring education, building green neighborhoods, urban wilderness, products, services and eco kids.

  • Idealist

    Provides links to non-profits engaged in providing solutions to social and environmental issues. Owned by Action Without Borders.

  • International Wildlife Coalition

    Information on the non-profit charity dedicated to the preservation of wild animals and their habitats. Includes news, projects and objectives.

  • Leadership for Environment and Development International

    Provides information on the non-profit dedicated to sustainable development. Includes history, objectives, membership, programs and publications.

  • Lovearth Network

    Presents links to various subjects, topics and sites dealing with nature and the environment. Includes its mission and vision for a sustainable world.

  • NatureServe

    Presents a profile of the non-profit group that provides scientific information to conservation efforts. Includes its programs and publications.

  • Northwest Earth Institute

    Offers programs and courses that empower people to protect the Earth and move toward a sustainable future. Includes details about a variety of discussion courses, membership and workplace programs.

  • Onmi Center for Peace, Justice and Ecology

    Presents news articles, calendar of activities, reports, commentaries and more.

  • Partnership for Earth Spirituality

    A non-profit membership organization which brings together people from various religious traditions, ages, cultures and economic backgrounds to promote a better understanding of the interdependence of ecology and spirituality.

  • People and Planet

    Presents information on the state of nature and the environment. Includes its history, objectives, supporters, editorial board and videos.

  • Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility

    Presents a profile of the non-profit including its history, objectives, campaigns, officers, staff, membership and publications.

  • Society for Conservation Biology

    Provides information on the organization's objectives, policies, leaders, membership, calendar of activities and publications.

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