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Conservation and Endangered Species

  • American Public Information on the Environment

    Proffers public awareness on environmental issues. Posts action alerts and presents an environmental information hotline.

  • Anti-Environmental Myths

    Indexes a collection of articles and topical discussions that counter some common beliefs on environmentalism.

  • Caviar Emptor

    Offering information about the decline of the Caspian Sea Sturgeon and steps that may be taken to protect and restore the threatened species, this site describes such a campaign, and includes photographs, video, and documentation.

  • Cleaner and Greener

    Get to know this certification program initiated by the Leonardo Academy Inc. Explore the presented emission calculators.

  • Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life

    Site of an anti-global warming endeavor partner. Posts announcements, presents information on programs, and offers a collection of related resources.

  • Die Off

    Statistical and graphical presentation about fossil fuels. With an array of related articles.

  • Green Festival

    Information about the goings-on at the Green Festival, a joint environmental advocacy project of Global Exchange and Co-op America.

  • Green Nature

    Comprehensive presentation of the various man-made environmental threats, their effects, and the ways to minimize or remedy them.

  • Horizon Solutions

    Facilitates forums that allows for the presentation and discussion of various solutions to environmental problems.

  • Ideal Bite

    Offers daily e-mails of tips for being more planet-friendly. Includes searchable tip archive, blog, and ability to submit new tips.

  • Institute of Global Communications

    Explore this interactive page to find helps to addressing environmental and social problems.

  • News Batch

    Guide to understanding policy issues. Presents news, issue discussions, vote charts, and summary articles.

  • NRDC Save BioGems

    Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) campaigns for the protection of wildlife and wild lands.

  • Paying Off Mother Nature

    Light presentation with a heavy message. Metaphorical discussion likens Earth's ecosystems to valuable economic items.

  • Seacology

    Nonprofit, private organization centered on preserving the environments and cultures of various islands worldwide.

  • Solcom House

    A resource collection on environmental issues, offers articles, commentaries, and music news.

  • Wildlife Conservation Research Unit

    Facility established to provide practical solutions to conservation problems through scientific research.

  • World Wildlife Fund

    A privately financed conservation organization, promoting international efforts to protect endangered species and their habitats. Find news, activism and photo gallery.

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