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Social Security Privatization

For Our Grandchildren

Social Security education project. Learn about the details and updates in this presentation.

Project on Social Security Choice

Examine this presentation by CATO Institute that favors the privatization of Social Security and the creation of private accounts.

Protecting Social Security

Presents statements and evidences that oppose claims of advantages associated with social security privatization.

Save Social Security

Presentation opposes the privatization plan on Social Security. Also features the Social Security calculator, a tool that computes for the losses consequent to privatization.

Social Security Choice

Evaluate the reasons why private social security is a boon.

The Social Security Debate

Collection of arguments in support of the call to social security reform.

Social Security Matters

Features stories of women who claim to have benefited from Social Security. Also campaigns for the protection of Social Security.

Social Security Reform Center

Presents an overview of the social security reform proposal, cites the advantage of privatization, and lays out solutions to protect retirement for all generations.

Social Security: Bush's Lies vs. Reality

Geoff Price juxtaposes his versions of the facts and lies behind social security under the Bush Administration.

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