Scientific and Technological Conspiracies in the Best of the Web Directory

Scientific and Technological Conspiracies

Barium Blues

Information on the connection between harmful aerosol sprays and electromagnetic radiations.

Chemtrail Central

Explores the issues behind chemtrails. With news, forums, images, and research information.

Fragile Earth

Forum delivering categories such ranging from "World's 6th Great Extinction Already Happening” and “The Sloppy Science of Global Warming” to “Wind Farms Could Drive Bird Species to Extinction” and “The Global Cooling”.

The Labyrinth

Information on what happened to the Carnicom's EPA Sample presented with documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

Medical Issues and Conspiracies

Site provides froums with topics that range from “NC Dentist Finds 100% Breast Cancer Cure” and “U.S. Government Concedes Vaccines Cause Autism” to “Alien Hand Syndrome” and “Cancer is Contagious".

Purple Haze

Campaign aimed at stopping chemtrails throughout the United States. Site presents chemtrail images from radars and satellites.

Science and Technology

Website contains 2000 forums concerning science and technology conspiracies and cover-ups. Subjects range from “New Light Source Lasts 15 Years without a Recharge” and “Human Photosynthesis” to “Mobile Phones Cause Brain Tumors” and “Humans evolved from Machines “.

Selling Peace

Book chronicling the alleged Soviet conspiracy that transformed the United States space program and commercial development.

Space Exploration

Website supplies over 2000 forums pertaining to space exploration plots and cover-ups. Issues vary from “Japanese find mysterious PLANET X'” and “Nearest Star System Might Harbor Earth Twin” to “Video Of Faked Moon Flight” and “Manned Mission to Venus Dated 1967.

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