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911 Conspiracy Theories

  • 911 and the WTC South Tower

    Website contends that the airplane that hit the second World Trade Tower was not a United Airlines plane, nor was it a 767.

  • 911, the Pentagon and the A3 Skywarrior Theory

    Charges that a 757 did not hit the Pentagon, it was an A3 Skywarrior.

  • 911Truth.org

    Site aimed at exposing "truths" behind and beyond the September 11 tragedy. Includes a multimedia gallery, petitions, and insinuations.

  • Alleged FBI Al-Qaeda Training Manual

    Manual written by the FBI, used to train Al Qaeda.

  • Here in Reality

    Presents video clips on FBI agents' claims that there are hindrances in their counter-terrorism investigations.

  • Let's Roll

    Very active forums discussing a variety of theories about the events of 9/11, including the concept that actors and dummies were used and that there were no real victims.

  • Pan Am Flight 103

    Website presents the idea that the plane crash over Lockerbee was a plot to stop a rescue of hostages in Iran. Evidence includes CIA spies on board, drawings of a building in Beruit, and $500,000 in cash.

  • Patriots Question 9/11

    Military officers, Intelligence service, law enforcement and government officials question the official report and believe a new investigation is necessary.

  • Pilots for 9/11 Truth

    Organization of aviation professionals and pilots taking a skeptical view of the official story of 9/11.

  • Scientists for 9/11 Truth

    Contains peer reviewed research and papers from this group of scientists.

  • September 11th Conspiracies

    Website features over 2500 forums relating the conspiracy theories about the 9/11. Topics range from “Weren't there any cameras on the roof of the Pentagon?” and “MIT Engineer Jeff King Says WTC Demolished” to “Flight 93 was Shot Down “ and “CIA Veteran Doubts Bin Laden Capable Of 9/11 Attacks”.

  • Stop Lying

    Canadian site offers video footage, interviews and articles about 9/11 and questions the Canadian government's involvement in the subsequent War on Terror.

  • TWA Flight 800

    Theory that the July 27, 1996 plane crash was caused by a missile.

  • War on Terrorism

    Website provides almost 3000 forums involving the United States’ War on Terrorism theories. Topics vary from “Osama Bin Laden is in U.S. Custody” and “Al-Qaeda is a Complete Fabrication” to “Australia’s Role in World War III” and “Blackwater”.

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