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Government Conspiracies

  • AIDS

    Theory that AIDS was developed as a biological weapon during the Cold War.

  • Area 51 and other Facilities

    Conspiracy theory website furnishes over 1000 forum topics. Includes Doomsday Vaults, a network of tunnels that connected military bases, The Tehachapi Covert Underground Complex, and Strange Structures in the Forests of Russia.

  • Bill and Monica

    Lawsuits, leaks and lies about Bill Clinton. Conspiracy theory about the plot to take down the President.

  • CIA and Acid

    Theory that the CIA controlled LSD research with the intent to control people; Code name, MK-ULTRA.

  • Citizens for Legitimate Government

    Website dedicated to expose the Bush Administration conspiracy in all of its manifestations.

  • Clinton and Whitewater

    Allegations about the case, ranging form influence peddling to assassination.

  • Gun Control

    Delivering Second Amendment rights violations, the founding fathers’ intent about the right to bear arms, court decisions and quotes about gun control.


    Conspiracy theories linking the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program to military missile defense schemes, weather modification plots and mind control experiments.

  • High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

    Various theories about HAARP: Military developed particle gun, an injection device, or part of the Strategic Defense Initiative.

  • Intelligence Activities- Senate Resolution 21

    Transcripts of the hearings before the Select Committee to study governmental operations with respect to intelligence activities.

  • Law and Government

    References and testimony about the corruption of the U.S Government and Court Systems.

  • Military and Government Projects

    Site supplies forums about subjects ranging from electronic brain implants, chemtrails, mind control to Black Ops and other government conspiracies.

  • Money, Banking and Credit

    Exposing the Bank of America, European Banks and the Federal Reserve.

  • October Surprise

    Theory that the 1980 Reagan-Bush presidential campaign stole the election by buying the release of the hostages from Iran.

  • Oil Empire

    Examine this seeming political map of the alleged US hunger for oil domination.

  • Political Conspiracies

    Website presents more than 2000 forums about governments and political conspiracy theories. Subjects vary from assassination plots and 2008 Election schemes to Chernobyl cover-ups and George W. Bush’s grades at Yale.

  • Property and Privacy

    Spotlighting FBI wire tapping, programs to RFID homeless people, surgical tags for sex offenders, monitoring of cable modems, and secret liens.

  • Racial Purification

    Plot to purify the country with eugenics laws,castration, forced vasectomies and salpingectomies.

  • Right-Wing Coup that Shames America

    Unofficial counts purport to reveal Al Gore's lead in the 2000 Presidential election and the massive abuses that have put George W. Bush into power.

  • Senate Report 103-97

    Committee on Veterans’ Affairs report in 1994 about Military research and links to Veterans’ health.

  • Special Services Against Ordinary People

    Article on Undeclared Chemical-Biological War Against Peaceful Population by Vadim V. Baranov and Tatyana A. Baranova.

  • The Stealing of the Presidency

    Allegations that the Bush Administration used 9/11 to boost approval ratings and charges that Al Gore really won in 2000.

  • Taxation

    Pointing out tax delinquencies among federal employees, transcripts from tax protesters’ trials, and evidence that direct tax is a violation of Supreme Court mandates.

  • Was the First Moonlanding Fake?

    Website presents the theory that the moon landing was made in a Las Vegas movie soundstage. Evidence includes photographs.

  • What Happened in Waco?

    Theories about the bungled FBI assault on the Branch Davidian compound in Texas.

  • What Is Going On??

    Graphic and text rich site attacks the alleged crimes of the Bush Administration.

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