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Aliens and UFOs

Website offers almost 4,000 forums relating to theories ranging from paranormal studies, 9/11, weaponry, secret societies, and the war on terrorism.

BBC's Premature Announcement of WTC 7's Collapse

Archived footage of television broadcasts from 9/11/2001 shows the BBC reporting the collapse of WTC 7 about 23 minutes before it actually occurred.

Cancer Fraud and Bad Biotech

Cites the alleged scientific deceptions that hinder cancer theories. With research works links to related pages.

Club Conspiracy

Offering discussion forums covering various types of conspiracy theory.

Conspiracy Bomb

Portal to information and discussions on the Illuminati, assasinations, war, various foreign affairs, occult, and other series of issues.

The Conspiracy Theory Research List

Answers frequently asked questions about conspiracy, hosts discussions, and presents various research resources.


Video sharing site focuses on the issues of conspiracies and alternative theories.


Contains news that have not been presented in the mainstream media. With alternative events interpretations.

Cryptozoology and Mythical Beasts

Conspiracy theory website features forums about The Goblin Man of Norway, Big Foot, Leprechauns, and El Chupacabra.

Alternative political forum exploring various conspiracy theories.

Dr. Peter David Beter

Contains topical discussions, audio letters, and other media resources on conspiracy.

The Forbidden Knowledge

Conspiracy theories ranging from organizations, like NASA and the Bilderburg Group, to ideas, such as hidden meanings and The Black Vault.

Freemasonry Watch

Discusses the issues behind freemasonries and other secret societies.

Grand Conspiracy

Large information resource about conspiracies and cover ups in various fields and in different places.


Feature length documentary concerning an alternative explanation for the events of 9/11.


Alex Jones' site dedicated to discovering the truth behind leading news stories.

The Insider

Links to serious web sites which contain news and details about conspiracy theories. Covering theories about the Illuminati and other secret societies, September 11, and the Dajjal prophecy through Islamic scripture.

Jordan Maxwell

Probe into Maxwell's research into UFO's, occult, and religious philosophy.

Killing Hope by William Blum

Presents extracts from this book which examines US foreign policy since World War 2 and argues that military and CIA interventions have caused suffering and destruction.

The Konformist

Online magazine specializing in conspiracy theories.

Love the Truth

Seeks to uncover disturbing truths behind various issues: women, war, finance, governance and religion.


Offers articles and commentary on alternative science, the New World Order, extraterrestrial and hyperdimensional aliens, the Matrix and its agents and the nonlinear nature of time and reality.

New Dawn Magazine

Covers conspiracy theories, ancient knowledge and the new world order.


Assassinations conspiracies, alien cover-ups, New World Order plots, and mind control schemes.

Saint Aardvark, The Carpeted

Presents the thoughts of Texe Marrs on various conspiracy issues.

The Secret Underground World Society

Information about the activities and influences about the dubbed underground world according to the personal experiences of the author.d.


Compiles info, ideas, news, and opinion about some celebrated and tragic cases in recent world history.

Time Bomb

Avenue for "End-of-the-World" discussions. With links to other related websites.

Top Secret Writers

Site dedicated to conspiracy theories, secret organizations and projects, as well as corruption related news and stories.

The Truth Seeker

Contains recommended readings, column articles, and an archive of discussions on various political, scientific, and religious issues.

University of Toronto Fraud

Cites instances of fraud in various departments of the University of Toronto. Evidences presented.

Want to Know

Features extensive articles on alleged cover-ups and hidden knowledge, including 9/11, health, mind control, energy technology and war.

Weird Load

Discover strange conspiracy thoughts covering politics, religion, magic, myth, and even outer space.

What Really Happened

Features a large collection of conspiracy theories and related news headlines.

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