Horse Welfare Issues in the Best of the Web Directory

Horse Welfare Issues

  • American Horse Defense Fund

    Presents news, events info, volunteering opportunities, and information on the various abuses committed on horses.

  • The Bitless Bridle

    Advertises an alternative to the Bronze Age Technology of the bit - a new product that inflicts no pain on horses. View users' comments presented.

  • Desert Weyr and Weyr Associates

    Learn about Weyr's training programs aimed at improving the husbandry of working equines.

  • Equine Advocates Inc.

    Adduces the cruelty involved in the carriage horses industry. Presents rescue stories therewith.

  • Equine Research Foundation

    Propagates more learned public information on horse learning, perception, and behavior.

  • Help Horses

    Offers online education to help improve the live of equines. Also presents a directory of horse-related sites, petitions, and links to rescue networks.

  • The Home of Rest for Horses

    Portal to support for horses in needy cases. With news, advices, and links to other pertinent sites.

  • HOOFPAC Political Action Committee

    Petitions for the protection and advancement of horses' welfare. With action alerts and a directory of advocacy supporters.

  • Horsemates

    Free database accommodates the registration of horse bios or records.

  • Just Say Whoa to Horse Slaughter

    Contains discussions on horse abuses; presents news, opinions, and photos; and facilitates horse auctions.

  • North American Equine Ranching Information Council

    Provides information on programs, sponsored competitions, and membership. With news, testimonials, and related links.

  • Safe Haven for Donkeys

    Information on projects and services. With news and a gallery of photos.

  • Stop Horse Slaughter

    Admonishes the killing of horses and promotes HR 503, a bill that aims to prohibit the shipping, transporting, buying, selling, or donating of horses and other equines for slaughtering purposes.

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