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Animal Rights Letters and Petitions

Animal Concerns

Features an animal concerns forum, presents articles on animal issues, and provides links to related pages.

Declaration of Sentient Being Rights

Multilingual petition on the basic rights of all creatures and the principles of equality.

Horse Beating, Dragging, and Abandonment

Endorses an anti-horse beating petition to the St. Louis City Prosecutors Office.

Humane Society Legislative Fund

Fund raising campaign to help liberate, rescue, feed, and preserve domestic and wild animals.

No Downers

Support an animal rights group in a feeding program, rescue operations, and other advocacy efforts.

PETA Action Alert

Posts cases of animal rights abuse for immediate action.

Preventing Cruelty to KFC Chickens

Cites the (accordingly) brutal treatment of Kentucky Fried Chicken's chickens.

Proboscis Monkeys Project

Solicits signatures to pursue a letter of petition to the Malaysian Minister of Tourism and the Indonesian MInister of Forestry - to help the preserve the proboscis monkeys.

Save the Calvert Beagles

Crusades for the abolition of Calvert Preclinical Services' using of beagles for clinical experiments.

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