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Provides access to a variety of resources for those interested in animal welfare: directories of animal welfare organizations, legal information, animal protection, animal rights, pets, etc.
  • Action for Animals

    Information on the organization committed to the practice of veganism. Includes background, objectives, strategies, programs and links to similar sites.

  • Against Animal Cruelty

    Offers a venue for animal activists to support animal welfare programs, such as petition signing, and letter sending.

  • All for Animals

    Features the activities of the organization aimed at educating people on cruelty-free living. Includes history, objectives, campaigns, publications and photos.

  • Alliance for Animals

    Provides information on the non-profit animal welfare advocate. Includes objectives, strategies, calendar of activities, campaigns and publications.

  • Alliance for Animals

    Presents the activities and programs of the organization devoted to animal rights and welfare. Includes free clinics, funding programs and education campaigns.

  • American Veterinary Medical Association

    Describes the activities of the non-profit working for the advancement of the profession. Includes history, objectives, strategies and publications.

  • Angel Animals Network

    Featuring stories and anecdotes. Includes message boards, chat rooms, books, newsletters, events and workshops.

  • Animal People Online

    Independent newspaper offering original investigative animal protection coverage worldwide.

  • Animalearn

    Strives to eliminate the use of animals in education and to find alternative learning methods. Includes a bank of dissection alternatives plus advice for educators and parents and for students of all ages who want to object to dissection or other animals use.

  • Animals' Angels

    Highlights the activities of the group the focuses on the protection of animal rights, particularly, of livestock. Includes history, objectives and strategies.

  • Animals Australia

    Highlights the activities of the organization dedicated to eliminating the suffering of animals. Includes history, partners, news, programs and campaigns.

  • Animals' Constitution

    Information on the initiative aimed at including animal protection in the European Constitution. With the text of the petition.

  • Captive Hunts Fact Sheet

    Provides details on what they are, source of the animals, number of operations, disease risk, and legality.

  • Endangered Animals of the World

    Information on the international research project aimed at compiling a list of animals on the brink of extinction.

  • Farm Animal Reform Movement

    Information on the organization advocating a meat-free diet and the humane treatment of livestock. Includes products and publications.

  • Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments

    Information on the UK charity working for alternatives for animal experimentation includes its history, goals, strategies, education initiatives and publications.

  • Hearts United for Animals

    Highlights the activities of the organization dedicated to the relief of animal suffering. Services include shelter, sanctuary and long-distance adoption.

  • Helping Animals

    Presents news and features on pets. Includes articles, tips, activities and campaigns.

  • Intermountain Therapy Animals

    Presents the activities of the non-profit that provides pet-facilitated help to people with physical, developmental or emotional disabilities.

  • International Fund for Animal Welfare

    Offers news and opportunities to help improve animal welfare throughout the world.

  • Last Chance for Animals

    Presents information on the activities of the group dedicated to improving the treatment of animals. Includes history, objectives, strategies and campaigns.

  • Last Great Ape Organization

    Presents information on organization formed to ensure the survival of great apes. Offers details of law enforcement procedures, an action video, commendations, resources, donor details and contacts.

  • Mercy for Animals

    Presents the activities of the non-profit animal rights advocate. Includes history, objectives, policies, strategies, campaigns, calendar of events and publications.

  • Society and Animals Forum

    Information on the non-profit dedicated to reducing violence in the interaction of humans and animals. Includes history, programs, strategies and publications.

  • Vegetarians International Voice for Animals

    Provides insights into the activities of the group dedicated to the promotion of a no-meat diet. Includes objectives, campaigns, news and strategies.

  • World Animal Net

    Network of animal protection societies with consultative status at the UN and with over 2,500 affiliates in more than 100 countries.

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