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Offers access to a variety of pro-life organizations that believe in the sanctity of life. These organizations provide education, support and services to those who are seeking options other than abortion.
  • Abortion Aborted

    Challenges young people to take active participation in the efforts to abolish abortion.

  • Arkansas Right to Life

    Presents pro-life contests and resources, abortion information, news, and details of chapter meetings.

  • Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League

    Opposition to abortion that is not based on religion or theological arguments.

  • Black Catholics for Life

    Presents the mission, events, and people of the National Black Catholic Apostolate for Life Church.

  • California Democrats for Life

    Equal justice for all and human rights beliefs add up to being pro-life. The group works to keep the party and compassionate party.

  • Cleveland Right to Life

    Accommodates donations to sustain the pro-life cause, presents membership info, and offers related educational resources.

  • Coalition for Life

    Brazos Valley pro-life organization of churches and individuals working to end abortion.

  • Delaware Right to Life

    Get to know the services, activities, and guiding principles of Delaware's oldest and most active pro-life org. Find abortion and pregnancy helps as well.

  • Feminism and Nonviolence Studies

    Presents the official publication of Feminism and Nonviolence Studies Association. Journals, books, and related links presented.

  • Feminists for Life of America

    Information on the services, mission, and activities of this pro-life group.

  • Florida Right to Life

    Discusses life issues, presents pro-life political actions and legislations, and offers related resources.

  • Freedom to Learn

    Official site contains an advisory board, presents an overview of missions and services, and provides commentaries and helpful resources.

  • Georgia Right to Life

    Georgia's portal to pro-life education, legislation, and political action. With news, photos, and presentations on planned parenthood.

  • Human Life International

    Site of one group of pro-life missionaries presents articles, writings, and commentaries.

  • Illinois Right to Life Committee

    Press releases, events info, news, issue discussions, and commentaries.

  • Iowa Right to Life Committee

    Provides resource materials and links to related pages. Also presents pregnancy help centers.

  • Jackson Right to Life

    Offers crisis pregnancy help, learn about abortion healing and abortion facts, and read about enlightening testimonials.

  • Kentucky Right to Life Association

    Go over news and media releases, find pregnancy helps, and search for other pro-life groups in the Affiliates section.

  • Libertarian for Life

    Political and philosophical oppposition to abortion. Asserts that life starts from fertilization or during the development of the embryo.

  • Life Dynamics

    Presents news and pro-life resources. Also calls for donations, prayer, and memorial gifts.

  • Life Issues Institute, Inc.

    Overview of Life Issues' services, mission, and activities. With news, educational tools, and articles.

  • Lutherans for Life

    Life news, commentaries, and helps for crisis pregnancy and after-abortion trauma.

  • Maine Right to Life

    Presents graphic abortion images, abortion news, related facts and statistics, and educational resources.

  • Maryland Right to Life

    Presents issues, legislative information, news, action alerts, and pro-life links to local chapters.

  • Missouri Right to Life

    Interactive page for pro-life advocates of Missouri. With membership info, news, and downloadable petition forms.

  • National Black Prolife Coalition

    Network of pro-family and pro-life organizations dedicated to preserving life and family values in the black community.

  • National Helpline for Abortion Recovery

    Nationwide help for women, men, and families seeking help and support after abortion.

  • Nebraska Right to Life

    Contains news, views, medical research papers, legislative updates, and pro-life action alerts. Includes photo gallery.

  • New Jersey Right to Life

    Advocates for the prohibition of abortion and euthanasia in New Jersey. With news, issue discussions, and pro-life resources.

  • New York State Right to Life Committee

    Aims to educate, inform, and protect people from abortion. Presents news, pro-life petitions, and legislation updates.

  • North Dakota Right to Life

    Learn about the purpose, statements and positions, and activities of this pro-life group. Find abortion statistics, educational videos, and legislative updates as well.

  • Ohio Right to Life

    Tackles various life issues like abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, and fetal experimentation. Also conveys the message that life starts from conception.

  • Operation Colorado

    Archive of newsletters pertinent to one anti-abortion campaign in Colorado.

  • Operation Holy Presence

    Missionary Catholics United for Life's mission details, bulletins, news, and life documents.

  • Operation Rescue

    Contains abortion facts, pro-life resources, a media center, and links to related pages.

  • Operation Save America

    Updates on missionary and pro-life efforts are presented along with news, press releases, and relevant articles.

  • Pharmacists for Life International

    Learn how this group of pharmacists assert the importance of their profession in the preservation of life.


    Site of the Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians. Presents news, notices, and media releases.

  • Presbyterians for Life

    Get to know the purpose, mission, and stand on abortion of this pro-life Presbyterian organization.

  • Priests for Life

    Offers Catholics a wide range of resources to discuss, study, or gain more insights on various Christian issues.

  • Pro-Life Action League

    Serves as a non-violent action to fighting abortion. With articles, stories, and answers to questions on abortion.

  • Pro-Life America

    Abortion facts, statements from celebrities, and photos. With tips on dating, sex, and love.

  • Pro-Life League

    Photos, articles, music, stories, surveys, and more representing the anti-abortion endeavors of the Pro-Life League.

  • Rachel's Vineyard

    Weekend retreats created to deal with the emotions and pain of abortion.

  • The Radiance Foundation

    Spreading the message that all life is precious and the too many lives are taken for no reason. lifehaspurpose

  • Right to Life - Greater Cincinnati

    Offers legal, medical, scientific, social, and political support for threatened people.

  • Right to Life League

    Get to know the services, programs, and calendar of activities of America's first pro-life organization.

  • Right to Life of Michigan

    Information on membership, services, and activities. With list of affiliated organizations, church resources, and press releases.

  • Rock for Life

    Contains reports, press releases, commentaries, music photos, and downloads.

  • Safe Haven Ministries

    Place for comfort, understanding, healing, and hope for women who have had crisis pregnancies and abortion.

  • Silent No More Awareness

    Campaign site to stop abortion. Presents news, radio spots, testimonies, and sign boards.

  • Tennessee Right to Life

    Tackles human life issues, presents life saving options, and provides updates on the Tennessee pro-life advocacy in Congress.

  • Texas Right to Life

    Recruits for membership, facilitates a pro-life church outreach, discusses life issues, and provides pro-life resources.

  • Vermont Right to Life Committee

    Details of upcoming events, news, crisis help offers, and resource links are some of this site's contents.

  • Volunteers for Life

    Posts volunteering opportunities and presents the programs and goals of pro-life group.

  • Wisconsin Right to Life

    Presents news, provides answers to the questions of young women, displays abortion stats and facts, and posts information on upcoming events.

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