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Pro-Life Organizations

Abortion Aborted

Challenges young people to take active participation in the efforts to abolish abortion.

Arkansas Right to Life

Presents pro-life contests and resources, abortion information, news, and details of chapter meetings.

Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League

Opposition to abortion that is not based on religion or theological arguments.

Billboards for Life

View positive Catholic messages that foster the pro-life position.

Black Catholics for Life

Presents the mission, events, and people of the National Black Catholic Apostolate for Life Church.

Children of God for Life

Site of a non-profit organization recruits for membership and accommodates online donations.

Cleveland Right to Life

Accommodates donations to sustain the pro-life cause, presents membership info, and offers related educational resources.

Coalition for Life

Brazos Valley pro-life organization of churches and individuals working to end abortion.

Colorado Right to Life

Issues, policies, photos, news, events details, and pro-life resources are presented in this site.

Delaware Right to Life

Get to know the services, activities, and guiding principles of Delaware's oldest and most active pro-life org. Find abortion and pregnancy helps as well.

Feminists for Life of America

Information on the services, mission, and activities of this pro-life group.

Florida Right to Life

Discusses life issues, presents pro-life political actions and legislations, and offers related resources.

Georgia Right to Life

Georgia's portal to pro-life education, legislation, and political action. With news, photos, and presentations on planned parenthood.

Human Life International

Site of one group of pro-life missionaries presents articles, writings, and commentaries.

Illinois Right to Life Committee

Press releases, events info, news, issue discussions, and commentaries.

Iowa Right to Life Committee

Provides resource materials and links to related pages. Also presents pregnancy help centers.

Jackson Right to Life

Offers crisis pregnancy help, learn about abortion healing and abortion facts, and read about enlightening testimonials.

Kentucky Right to Life Association

Go over news and media releases, find pregnancy helps, and search for other pro-life groups in the Affiliates section.

Libertarian for Life

Political and philosophical oppposition to abortion. Asserts that life starts from fertilization or during the development of the embryo.

Life Dynamics

Presents news and pro-life resources. Also calls for donations, prayer, and memorial gifts.

Life Issues Institute, Inc.

Overview of Life Issues' services, mission, and activities. With news, educational tools, and articles.

Lutherans for Life

Life news, commentaries, and helps for crisis pregnancy and after-abortion trauma.

Maine Right to Life

Presents graphic abortion images, abortion news, related facts and statistics, and educational resources.

Maryland Right to Life

Presents issues, legislative information, news, action alerts, and pro-life links to local chapters.

Missouri Right to Life

Interactive page for pro-life advocates of Missouri. With membership info, news, and downloadable petition forms.

National Association of Pro-Life Nurses

Official website presents news, commentaries, testimonies, and pro-life resources.

National Black Prolife Coalition

Network of pro-family and pro-life organizations dedicated to preserving life and family values in the black community.

National Helpline for Abortion Recovery

Nationwide help for women, men, and families seeking help and support after abortion.

National Right to Life

Presents news, issue discussions, legislation updates, and information on special events.

Nebraska Right to Life

Contains news, views, medical research papers, legislative updates, and pro-life action alerts. Includes photo gallery.

New Jersey Right to Life

Advocates for the prohibition of abortion and euthanasia in New Jersey. With news, issue discussions, and pro-life resources.

New York State Right to Life Committee

Aims to educate, inform, and protect people from abortion. Presents news, pro-life petitions, and legislation updates.

North Dakota Right to Life

Learn about the purpose, statements and positions, and activities of this pro-life group. Find abortion statistics, educational videos, and legislative updates as well.

Ohio Right to Life

Tackles various life issues like abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, and fetal experimentation. Also conveys the message that life starts from conception.

Operation Colorado

Archive of newsletters pertinent to one anti-abortion campaign in Colorado.

Operation Holy Presence

Missionary Catholics United for Life's mission details, bulletins, news, and life documents.

Operation Rescue

Contains abortion facts, pro-life resources, a media center, and links to related pages.

Operation Save America

Updates on missionary and pro-life efforts are presented along with news, press releases, and relevant articles.

Pharmacists for Life International

Learn how this group of pharmacists assert the importance of their profession in the preservation of life.


Site of the Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians. Presents news, notices, and media releases.

Presbyterians for Life

Get to know the purpose, mission, and stand on abortion of this pro-life Presbyterian organization.

Priests for Life

Offers Catholics a wide range of resources to discuss, study, or gain more insights on various Christian issues.

Pro Life PAC

Proffers the reasons why compromises or justifications to doing abortion are not acceptable.

Pro-Life Action League

Serves as a non-violent action to fighting abortion. With articles, stories, and answers to questions on abortion.

Pro-Life America

Abortion facts, statements from celebrities, and photos. With tips on dating, sex, and love.

Pro-Life League

Photos, articles, music, stories, surveys, and more representing the anti-abortion endeavors of the Pro-Life League.

Rachel's Vineyard

Weekend retreats created to deal with the emotions and pain of abortion.

The Radiance Foundation

Spreading the message that all life is precious and the too many lives are taken for no reason. lifehaspurpose

Right to Life - Greater Cincinnati

Offers legal, medical, scientific, social, and political support for threatened people.

Right to Life League

Get to know the services, programs, and calendar of activities of America's first pro-life organization.

Right to Life of Greater Lansing

Presents news, issue discussions, an events calendar, and pro-life resources.

Right to Life of Michigan

Information on membership, services, and activities. With list of affiliated organizations, church resources, and press releases.

Safe Haven Ministries

Place for comfort, understanding, healing, and hope for women who have had crisis pregnancies and abortion.

Silent No More Awareness

Campaign site to stop abortion. Presents news, radio spots, testimonies, and sign boards.

Tennessee Right to Life

Tackles human life issues, presents life saving options, and provides updates on the Tennessee pro-life advocacy in Congress.

Texas Right to Life

Recruits for membership, facilitates a pro-life church outreach, discusses life issues, and provides pro-life resources.

Vermont Right to Life Committee

Details of upcoming events, news, crisis help offers, and resource links are some of this site's contents.

Volunteers for Life

Posts volunteering opportunities and presents the programs and goals of pro-life group.

Wisconsin Right to Life

Presents news, provides answers to the questions of young women, displays abortion stats and facts, and posts information on upcoming events.

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