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Lists an array of organizations that operate on a pro-choice stance. Learn about the services and activities of each organization.
  • The Abortion Access Project

    Portal to abortion services. With contact information and links to related pages.

  • Abortion Clinics Online

    Directory of abortion and healthcare service centers. With search bars for fast and convenient clinic locating.

  • Access - Women's Health Rights Coalition

    Presents reproductive health options for low-income women in California.

  • American Civil Liberties Union

    Contains legislative updates pertinent to America's reproductive freedom movement.

  • California Catholics for Free Choice

    Contains articles, speeches, and statistics of abortion issues among Catholics.

  • Canadian Abortion Rights Action League

    Provides listings of abortion clinics and reproductive health care service centers in Canada.

  • Catholics for Choice

    Catholics who believe that abortion and contraception are matters of personal choice. Contains publications regarding these matters, details of the organization's work and campaigns, online version of Conscience magazine, and ways to get involved. Catholic4Choice

  • Children by Choice Association Incorporated

    Lists pro-abortion related campaigns, presents fact sheets, and offers support for young girls troubled with pregnancy.

  • Choice Matters

    Site of the Westchester Coalition for Legal Abortion. Presents the reasons for taking the pro-choice stand. With blog postings.

  • Choice USA

    Source for abortion facts, real stories, and news. With profiles of some active sex education and pro-choice personalities.

  • Education for Hope

    Informative presentations on pregnancy and abortion for young people, professionals, and parents.

  • Family Planning Advocates of New York State

    Information on upcoming events, news, employment opportunities, publications, and a list of health centers. With overviews of legislative agenda and legislators' votes.

  • Feminist Campus

    Official network site of pro-choice students from all over the world. Presents news, a calendar of activities, and links to other feminist majority leadership alliances.

  • Indiana Religious for Reproductive Choice (IRCRC)

    Official IRCRC site provides news, pro-choice resources, and information on activities, supporters, and clergy.

  • Juneau Pro-Choice Coalition

    Presents the mission, events, and services of Juneau Pro-Choice. With news and fact sheets.

  • Just Say Yes

    Pro-abortion statement of the Coalition for Positive Sexuality. Serves as an avenue where women can freely talk about the issues surrounding abortion.

  • Kentucky Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (KRCRC)

    Information about the activities, services, and supporters of the Kentucky affiliate of the national Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

  • Life and Liberty for Women

    Supports the 1973 Supreme Court Ruling on Roe vs. Wade. Also presents news, issue discussions, pictures, and sex education.

  • Merger Watch

    Works to save reproductive health services when hospitals merge and attempt to impose their religious beliefs in medical practices. mergerwatch

  • NARAL Pro-Choice America

    Committed to advancing the culture of freedom and women's right to choose. Learn about the Choice Action Center and know how to be a part or a supporter of it. Action guide provided for additional information.

  • National Coalition of Abortion Providers

    Information about the political, business, and networking needs of independent abortion service providers.

  • National Organization for Women

    Tackles the issue of abortion among women in a pro-choice, pro-abortion perspective.

  • New Mexico Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

    Describes itself as a pro-faith, pro-family and pro-choice group. Includes articles from clergy members, pregnancy options, ways to participate by donating or volunteering, and information about financial assistance. nmrcrc

  • Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

    State affiliate of the US national organization providing sex education, counseling and advocacy. Includes newsletters, details of their programs, and theological resources. Also lists women's health centers in Ohio. OhioRCRC

  • Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health

    Conveys the pro-choice messages of various physicians who support the Roe vs. Wade Ruling of the US Supreme Court.

  • The Power of Choice Project

    Collection of films facilitates the propagation of information about reproductive freedom. With resource kits and free films for sharing.

  • Pro-Choice Action Network Canada

    Details of this political and educational advocacy group that lobbies for women's rights.

  • Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

    Asserts that religious people can also be pro-choice.

  • Republican Majority for Choice

    Serves as an avenue for Republicans to voice out their support for the pro-choice cause.

  • Republicans for Choice

    Political action committee (not affiliated with the Republican Party) that moves for the restoration of the pro-choice sentiment among the Republicans.

  • The South Jersey Clinic Defense Coalition

    Introduces the services, people, activities, and resources of this pro-choice movement that supports local abortion providers.

  • Women on Waves

    Offers support for women who desire to undergo abortion. Also presents abortion facts and news.

  • Women On Web

    Supplies medical abortion medication to women who cannot obtain a safe abortion in their own country. Includes detailed FAQ.

  • Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights

    Autonomous network of groups and individuals in every continent who aim to achieve and support reproductive rights for women.

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