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Diwali, also called Deepavali is a major holiday in India and Nepal and marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year. It is a 5-day celebration, and it ends on the 15th day of Ashwin, the Hindu month which is a movable month which falls in October or November of the traditional calendar.
  • Bawarchi - Diwali Recipes

    Provides a wide variety of recipes for special holiday treats.

  • Bawarchi Festivals - Diwali

    Provides a detailed description of this Hindu holiday, along with links to recipes.

  • BBC: Diwali

    Provides a detailed history of the Hindu festival of lights, and offers related resources.

  • Diwali Festival

    Provides history of the holiday including the five days of Diwali, legends, festival, Diwali Pooja, and regional significance.

  • Diwali Mela

    Indian shopping site provides gifts for the holidays including sweets and firecrackers.

  • Diwali Mela - About Diwali

    Features info about Diwali celebrations, recipes, and customs and traditions. Dowload some wallpapers, too.

  • Diwali Utsav

    Merchant offers Diwali gifts including flower vases, blue shirts, dry fruits, gel candies, and a sitting Ganesha.

  • Hindu Universe: Diwali

    Contains links and articles relating to Diwali, including gods and goddesses, multimedia, recipes, temples, festival ideas, and shopping.

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