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The portals listed here pertain to maritime history, which includes maritime exploration, the history of sailing and trade, and naval histories and navigation's.
  • A History of Navigation

    Online animation from the BBC follows the history of navigation from its rougher days to the ground breaking changes of the late 1700s.

  • Australian Association of Maritime History

    Find details of membership, news, publications, lectures, resources and prizes.

  • Australian Maritime History

    Find information on Australian maritime history including information on shipwrecks and the register of historic vessels.

  • The Canadian Privateering Homepage

    Often lumped together with pirates, privateers were an accepted and respected way of waging war and defending Canada's communities. Read about the history and myths of privateering.

  • Institute of Maritime History

    Maryland non profit organization dedicated to the preservation and documentation of maritime history.

  • International Journal of Naval History

    Find information on the editorial board, mission and structure, archives, submissions, book reviews, editorial and letters.

  • The Last Ocean Liners

    Features information on sailing schedules, ocean liners, destinations and a list of the last around the world liners, transatlantic crossings and liners that sailed to Africa, Asia and Australia.

  • Maritime Heritage Association of Victoria

    Association located in the Australian state of Victoria provides details of membership, activities, committee and resources.

  • Maritime Heritage Project

    Compiles San Francisco's shipping history from the mid-1800s to the turn of the Century. Includes details about ships, logs, captains, ports and stories.

  • Merchant Navy Nostaligia

    Offers a nostalgic look at merchant navy shipping in the years following World War 11.

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