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The Crusades Primary Sources

Anna Comnena: The Alexiad: Book XI

Full text account of the crusade battle.

Anselme of Ribemont Letter to Manasses II, Archbishop of Reims

Features a wide array of letter collection written by the crusaders.

Aymeric, Patriarch of Antioch Letter to Louis VII of France (1164)

Translations and reprints from the original sources of European history, this text about Aymeric's letter to Louis VII of France.

Conrad III First Letter to Wibald, Abbot of Corvey

Another set of letters written as official bulletins, in order to set before the German people the disastrous events of the crusade in the light most favorable to the German participants.

Conrad III Second Letter to Wibald, Abbot of Corvey (1148)

Letter overview about Conrads letter to Wibald.

Daimbert, Godfrey and Raymond, Letter to the Pope (1099)

One of the most controversial letter written to the Pope by Daimbert, Godfrey and Raymond.

The Duke of Lorraine - Letter to the Archbishop of Cologne (1197)

Letter about the German crusaders in the full course of victory.

Eugene III: Summons to A Crusade, Dec 1, 1154

Excerpt article that requints Pope Eugene's call for the Second Crusade.

Frederic II Letter to Henry III of England (1229)

One of the most valuable sources for the crusade Of Frederic II.

Frederick I Letter to Leopold of Austria (1189)

Letter written by Frederick I to Leopold of Austria.

Gerold, Patriarch of Jerusalem Letter to all the Faithfull (1229)

Contains valuable sources for the crusade Of Frederic II.

Guy, A Knight: Letter from the Sixth Crusade, 1249

Browse over this letter that contains vital facts concerning the capture of Damietta in Louis' first crusade.

Letter from the East to Master of Hospitalers (1187)

This letter features reliable account of the events in the Kingdom of Jerusalem during the crusades.

Sibylla, Ex-Queen of Jerusalem Letter to Frederick I (1189)

Important facts is presented in this letter from Sibylla to Frederick I.

Speech at Council of Clermont, 1095, Five versions of the Speech

Explore five version of the speech at the Council of Clermont in 1095.

Stephen, Count of Blois and Chartres Letter to his wife, Adele (1098)

Personal letter of Stephen, count of Blois to his wife Adele.

William of Tyre: History of Deeds Done Beyond the Sea

Selections of link pages that contains important facts about the history of the deed by William of Tyre.

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