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Middle Ages Vikings

  • Ancient History - Vikings

    Historical facts behind the life of Vikings.

  • Did the Vikings make a telescope?

    Checkout discussions and explanations about the assumptions about Viking making the first telescope.

  • The Norse Discovery of America

    This is a collection of texts relating to the voyages of the Norse west to America, written by Arthur Middleton Reeves.

  • The Norse in the North Atlantic

    Provides facts about the early exploration, Norse bibliography, voyages, and other interesting links.

  • The Norwegian Viking Swords

    An electronic edition that features facts about Viking swords, from its different type over the years.

  • Unearthing a Viking Graveyard

    Browse over facts about the excavation of a Viking Graveyard, plus other featured links and information.

  • Viking Answer Lady: Birka

    Information about Birka as the trade center and gateway Viking age Sweden, plus links about daily life, technology, agriculture, war, art, myth, and mote historical Viking details.

  • The Viking Network

    Provides an overview of Viking culture and history, with maps and other resources.

  • The Vikings

    Interactive site that features user friendly links about various information about the Vikings life, travels, beliefs, and more.

  • The Vikings

    Nova program that examines barbarian images of the Norse men based on recent archaeological investigations, this includes clips on Viking villages, ships, Diaspora, Runes, and more resources.

  • Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga

    View exhibit facts, Viking voyage, tour calendar, links and other valuable information.

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