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Siege Engines

The Algorithmic Beauty of the Trebuchet

Features Trebuchet calculator, explanations, links, photos and other offered particulars.

Build a Catapult - Catapult Design Plans

Online design plan, design and guide in building a Catapult.

The Grey Company Trebuchet Page

Collection of Trebuchet related index, with historical information, counter weight facts and pictures.

Medieval Castle Siege Weapons

Filled with medieval times information on siege weapons, castles, melee and range weapons, armor, knights and much more.

Onager Online

Link page for true modern gladiators, facts on the holy gourd quest, construction details, and more.

Team Tormentum's Siege Engine Page

Checkout a wide array of information about treatise, war, battles, engineerings, and other related web links.

The Trebuchet Page

Site page contains trebuchet information, pictures, polls and feedbacks, message board and other links.

The Trebuchet resource

Facts on catapults, trebuchets, mangonels and onagers, with links on other important features.

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