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Roman Military

Legio III Augusta

Brief history of Roman legion by John J. Hartwell.

ORB: The Late Roman Army

Article that features information about the Roman army plus related links.

Illustrated information about the Roman army that includes the legions and various campaigns plus other related links.

The Roman Army In Caerleon

Content details includes legion and legionary updates, centurion, auxiliaries, standards, and other featured links.

The Roman Army in the First Century CE

Article records about the description of the Roman armies and Roman camps.

The Roman Army in the Late Republic and Early Empire

Checkout important facts and links in relation to the Roman army.

The Roman Army Page

Features facts about the army empire of Rome, reenactment page, citizenship, plus links to the legions, imperial guards, and more added information.

Roman Expansion to 133 BC

Presents facts about Roman and Etruscan kings, republic of Rome, Conquest of Italy, war with Carthage, and republican Rome's imperialism.

Roman Military Equipment

View military protective equipments, weapons, cavalry, plus featured links.

The Roman Way of Declaring War

Featured article that describes how Roman's declare wars.

Victori - The Roman Military

Sources for facts such as tools of war, strategy and tactics, military and the people, history, teacher resources, links, citation and contact details.

Welcome to Sander's Homepage

Produced a number pages on the Roman and Greek armies with several more featured links.

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