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Ancient Greece Famous People

  • Anyte and the Muses

    A hellenistic epigram that features resources, guides, relates sites, articles, and other important information.

  • Aspasia of Miletus

    Presents information that tackles facts about Aspasia of Miletus as stated by Madeleine Henry.

  • The Beginning of Philip of Macedon's Reign

    Source for details about the beginning of Philip of Macedon's reign.

  • Demosthenes

    Life detail of Demosthenesas as a Greek orator.

  • The Great Rhetra

    Presents the life of Lycurgus of Sparta by Plutarch.

  • Lycurgus

    Online source for information about Lycurgus by Plutarch and translated by John Dryden.

  • Praxiteles

    Online detail about Praxiteles plus links about history and mythology.

  • Solon of Athens

    Browse over articles dedicated to Solon of Athens.

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