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Ancient Greece History

The Ancient City of Athens

A photographic archive of the archaeological and architectural remains of ancient Athens (Greece).

Ancient Greece

Online link to Ancient Greece information from history to women of Greece, myths, legends, Greek Olympics, society and more.

Ancient Greece

Reports on ancient Greece plus Greek mythology, photos, map, art, biographies, lifestyle and other featured collection.

Ancient Greece

The British Museum's interactive resource covering the history and culture of ancient Greece; includes articles, timelines, and activities.

Ancient Greece - Contributions to Our World From Ancient Greece

Articles and information on ancient Greece and the ancient Greeks, including the Greek wars, mythology, and more.

Ancient Greece Site

Highlights on art and architecture, geography, history, Olympics, wars, mythology, people and other resources.

Ancient Greek Music

Comprehensive listing of ancient Greek music has links which you can save or play in midi or realplayer format. Also links to related sites on ancient music and language.

The Ancient Greek World

Ancient Greek virtual gallery that includes information about land, time, daily life, religion and death, economy, and other extra topics.

Ancient History Sourcebook: 11th Brittanica: Delian League

Delian league or know as Confederacy of Delos which presents details information.

Explore archaeological facts, architecture, art, culture, history, map, museum details and more links.

The Athenian Constitution

Provides sections on Athenian Constitution.

The Battle of Chaeronea

Explore facts about " The Battle of Chaeronea" taken from ancient history source book of Diodorus Siculus.

The Bronze Age on the Aegean Islands

Publishes details on habitation, society, religion, economy, arts, crafts, plus other featured links.

Daily Life in Ancient Greece

Highlights on Greek life plus links about Greek families, houses, dances, stories, Gods, clothing, food and more vital facts.

Demos - Classical Athenian Democracy

Online encyclopedia which involves resources, articles, overview, history, images, biographies, and other related facts.

Description of Greece, Book I - Attica

Tackles Greece description featured in Book I of Attica.

Documents of the Founding of Cyrene

Excerpts taken from Herodotus, The History.

The Early History of Sparta

Chronicles information about early history of Sparta.

Electronic Resources for Classicists: The Second Generation

Checkout online resource for Classicist which is featured in a chronological order of table of content.

Europe before 1000 BCE

Detailed order of European history.

The Glory That Was Greece

Highlights on history and culture in ancient Athens as featured in the table of content.

The Greeks Crucible of Civilization

PBS has this Flash-enabled interactive site which is a great introduction to the Ancient Greek civilization. Categories include Socrates, Pericles, time lines and language lessons.

History of Greek Costume

Compilation of information about Greek costumes from Minoan civilization, antiquity, Byzantium, different centuries, and other related links.

The History of Herodotus

Divided sections of books about the history of Herodotus.

The History of Herodotus

Complete text of the history of Herodotus as translated by George Rawlinson.

The history of Herodotus: Volume 2 by Herodotus

Contains volume two of the book about the history of Herodotus this involves bibliographical records.

Humanities - Greece

Introduces Greek information such as archaic Greek lyrics, polis formation, Greek sculptures, Homer's Iliad, drama, theater, body language and more.

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook

Full texts of most ancient Greek works are listed here. Great starting point for scholarship and research, in a noncluttered format.

The Internet Classic Archive

This resource lists ancient history authors and this section focuses on Greek authors. Short description plus links to Encyclopedia Britannica.


Contains listings of Sparta kings.

The Law Code of Gortyn

Features article about the law code of Gortyn.

On the Kings of Sparta

An excerpt line from the book "On the Kings of Sparta".

Overview of Late Antiquity

Contains introduction, prologue and century information about the late antiquity.

Perseus Digital Library

Collection of primary and secondary sources for ancient Greek and Roman studies. Includes a library of art objects and artifacts.


The archaeological Site of Phaistos.

Sparta Revisited

An introduction about Sparta history from arts, diplomacy, economy, education, revolution, women and other special features.

Works by Plutarch

Listings of articles translated by John Dryden.

World History Compass

Online link to ancient Greece resources.

Xenophon - Anabasis, or March Up Country

Showcases book content about Xenophon.

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