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History of Ancient Amarna


Contains important facts about the life and works of Akhenaten.

Akhet Egyptology - The Horizon to the past

Integrates Akhet index and sites, faces of the dead, ancient egyptian art, tombs, temples, sculptures, mythology, king listings, and other important collections.

Children of the Sun

Showcases the daughters of the sun, princely addendum, the lost children, dedications, gallery, works cited, readings, links and site map.

King Tut One

Online gallery which contains clip arts, kids corner, message board, postcards, and online shopping.

The Land of the Aten

Tackles different personal biographies of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs, city information, royal tombs, subjects, princesses and more.

Queen Ankhesenamen's Palace

Features the queens life and family, that includes royal names, glossary, artworks, and links.

Tell El-Amarna: Capital of the Disk

Provides introduction, details on the resurrection of akhenaten, historical facts, hymns, links and books.

Tutankhamen, Pharaoh of Egypt

Browse over articles about pharaohs life, books about King Tut and his family, documentaries, related topics and other web sites.

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