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History of Ancient Egypt

  • A Time Line of Ancient Egyptian History

    Explain details about early Egyptian settlers, hieroglyphic script, pyramid details, various kings, and other related information.

  • Akhet Egyptology

    Provides access to the Amarna site, index listings, faces of the dead, tombs and temples, mythology, king listings, Egyptology facts, museum and other collections.

  • The Akhet-Aten Home Page

    Internet source for Amarna period information which involves site guide, art, literature, glossary, special features, links, events and more.

  • Ancient Egypt

    Provides facts about the wonders of ancient Egypt, pyramids and sphinx, pharaoh and mummies, hieroglyphics, art, life and more links.

  • Ancient Egypt - TheBritish Museum

    Contains facts about Egyptian life, geography, gods and goddesses, mummification facts, pharaoh, pyramids, temples, and more vital facts.

  • Ancient Egypt and Egyptians

    Multimedia web site that offers travel guide, Nile tomb and cruise information, articles, Egyptian holidays, links, learn Arabic language and other important features.

  • Ancient Egypt by History Link 101

    This page offers online connection to Egypts art, biographies, daily life, maps, pictures, research facts, map and religion guide.

  • Ancient Egypt Online

    Online link to Egyptian pharaohs, queens, gods, pyramids, hieroglyphics, Egyptian life, map, contacts, and site map.

  • Ancient Egypt Online

    Contains king listings, hieroglyphic details, Gods, monuments, society facts, and other related information.

  • Ancient Egypt Research Associates

    Official web site of Ancient Egypt Research Associates which include project facts, specialist details, artifacts, resources, and links.

  • Ancient Egyptian history

    Presents early dynasty and kingdom information, and other featured links.

  • Ancient Egyptian Times

    Guide to the world of the ancient Egyptians.

  • Bir Umm Fawakhir

    Contains insights into ancient Egyptian mining plus link to document center and details, subscription, and articles.

  • Death in Ancient Egypt

    A project and publication of The Research Archives of the Oriental Institute which presents tomb scenes, supplies for the after life, shabits, readings and resources.

  • Digital Egypt for Universities

    Explore archaeological records, art and architecture, communication technologies, ideology and beliefs, contacts and more history facts.

  • Discovering Ancient Egypt

    News about ancient Egypt as well as temple reconstructions and other Egyptian artworks by Mark Millmore.

  • Drinking Along the Nile

    Navigate through archives, subscription details, merchandise, columns, links, and contact information.

  • Early Dynastic Egypt

    Contains detailed account of the history and archaeology of the Egyptian early dynastic period.

  • Egypt - Land of Eternity

    Site details include chronological history, kings and queens of Egypt, tombs, monuments, ancient texts, astronomy, astrology, links and bibliography.

  • Egypt Antiquities

    Tourism site of Egypt which features local area information, news, shops, area tours, travel guide, ancient sites, museum details, general history of the place, religion and more related facts.

  • Egyptian Creation Myths

    Presents various myths about creators including Atum and Khepri and includes a gallery of photographs.

  • Egyptian Theben Desert

    Includes photos, links and information about Theben Desert.

  • Eternal Egypt

    A record of ancient Egyptian history which contains artifacts, multimedia links, digital guide, site and museum, map and other important connections.

  • Everyday Life and Fun in Ancient Egypt

    Discusses everyday Egyptian life, dances, parties, games, photos, and other special features.

  • The Experience of Ancient Egypt

    The world's largest online library that features ancient egyptian information and links.

  • The Forum of Amun

    This site is used as a means for exchanging useful information and theories about ancient Egypt plus photos, calendar, group information and email directories.

  • History - Ancient Egypt

    Contains listings about Egyptian geography, language, references, journals, books, institutions, materials, history and other featured resources.

  • The House of Ptolemy

    Browse over historical overview, bibliographic notes, maps, links, articles, genealogy list, overviews, and more featured facts.

  • Internet Ancient History Sourcebook

    Contains hundred of local files as well as links, source texts throughout the net and other historical base information.

  • Nekhen, Greek Hierakonpolis

    Discusses about the ancient city plus facts on Egyptian history and dynasty.

  • Pyramids - The Inside Story

    Uncover inside story about Egyptian pyramids plus facts on excavation process and content analysis.

  • Terri's World of Egyptology

    Explore different subjects about Egypt such as pharaohs and queens, information on daily lives of ancient Egyptians, monuments and temples, dynasties, mummies. and more.

  • Virtual Egypt

    Collection of photo gallery, plus tour details, articles, books, events, related movies, special interests, texts, hieroglyphics and more.

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