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1st Canadian Parachute Battalion

Image gallery with information about the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion.

Arnhem Story of Escape

Full coverage about a story of escape from world war two by Les Davison.

B-24 Pilot: Southwest Pacific, 1945

Listings and facts about the crew assigned to the thirteenth air force, 5th Bomb Group, 31st Bomb Squadron, plus with link features about the pilots, map and gauges, letters and interviews.

Bataan Death March: A Survivor's Story

An online narrative story about the war in Bataan, this involves audio narration, and other related information pages.

Bellum Vobiscum - War Memoirs

Online book account that contains war memories and information.

Capt. Norman J. Kleiss - Battle of Midway

Contains link pages to the Battle of Midway, personnel problems, carrier take-offs and landing, friends and miscellany.

George A. Smith, 7th Division

Biographical and bibliographical information about George A. Smith, and about the 7th Division.

HMS Glenroy

Contains some personal experiences of CPO John Priscott, with photo images and other significant details.

Horrie the Wog-Dog

Collected from the diary of Private VX13091 J. B. Moody, A.I.F. in 1945, this listings of facts and event details.

Jeff Badger's War Buddies from WWII

Chronicles information and stories about Jeff Badger and his war buddies from WWII.

The Letters of Private Melvin W. Johnson

Checkout the letters from Private Melvin W. Johnson, plus take a peek at other historical facts, time line, sites, documents, and photo images.

Lt. Col. Roland H. Vogt - D-Day Veteran

Compilation of stories about the war, plus award facts, links, gallery and contact particulars.

Luftwaffenhelfer in Hamburg

Provides that story experienced by a 16 year old Flakhelfer during the war.

Marine Ernest Ryan Baker

His story as a proud marine who was KIA on Iwo Jima during Word War II.

Marthe Janssen-Leyder

A Belgian secret army operative, her story and historic background during the war.

Memories of War

Dedicated to World War II veterans with stories and memories. Includes recommended reading and the ability to share a story.

Olive and Eric, The Web Site

Navigate through a wide array of facts about Olive and Eric, this involves compilation of personal letters, childhood memories, historical overview and more.

Pearl Harbor Survivors

File account about the Pearl Harbor survivors, with link pages and special features.

Private Art: WWII Letters To and From Home

A collection of WWII letters to and from the home front.

Ralph Stobart Robson: Life in the British Royal Navy

Features detailed account with link pages about the life of Ralph Stobart Robson, and his experiences in the British Royal Navy.

Rutgers Oral History Archives of WW-II

Contains interviews, documents, and other war related pages.

The Second World War Experience Centre

Collection of documents, historical facts, educational pages, journal, and other related features.

Secrets and my Recollections of World War II

This document contains the World War II memories of Gardner L. Friedlander.

Stories of a B-17 Pilot during WWII

Chronicles the story about the B-17 Pilot during WWII, plus checkout name listings of the crew members of the Squawkin Chicken.

The Story of Alfred Porsche

Features the story of Alfred Porsche, plus link pages about other war stories, miracles, memoirs, and more sites.

Trevor Allen

Account detail about a former Martin B-26 Marauder crew member.

Tribute to Thomas McNabb

Biographical information provided by Thomas' Nephew, Ralph McNabb.

Tusgegee Airmen of WWII

Gallery of photos about the Tusgegee Airmen of WWII.

USMC Peleliu Combat

Online tribute to Patrick L. Finelli, a USMC WWII veteran who served at Peleliu, Yap and Ulithi with an underwater demolition team, this include related link pages.

Walter McElvain's Letters from World War II

Browse over letter detail by Walter McElvain during the war.

Will S. Arnett - North Africa B-17 WWII Diary

A transcription of the war diary by Seaton, Col (ret.), USAF, who passed away in April of 1994.

William T. Paull

Offers memorial dedication, chronology of events, chapter details, and other special features.

Women of World War II Red Cross Clubmobile

A brief history about the Clubmobile, plus compilation of stories, links, special features and contact facts.

World War II Interview, 32nd Division, Red Arrow Division

Provides valuable facts, and interview details all in relation to the world war two.

World War II Memoirs - 3rd Infantry Division

Online record of facts, documents and related features about the third infantry division.

World War II Oral History

View excerpt details, reviews, author profile, appearances, multimedia presentations, links and more.

World War II Oral History at

Browse over different stories, poems, interviews, audio file, photo gallery, links and more.

World War II Stories - In Their Own Words

Collection of stories plus link pages in relation to the war.

WW2 Recollections of Lloyd H Bunting Jr

Documentation about the service records, description of the combat mission and the army letters to parents.

WWII Memories

Explore a wide array of information about WWII memories.

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