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392nd Bomb Group

This web site is composed several sections and is the work of many WWII researchers representing of over 60 man years of research on the 392nd Bomb Group and the POW Stalag Lufts of Europe.

Aeroclassics Net

Comprehensive site that features facts about the classic warbirds of the Second World War.

Airfields in Yorkshire

Brief details about the airfields in Yorkshire.

Airwar over Denmark

Provides facts about the Allied and German flyers that flew over Denmark during the Second World War.

Annals of the Brewster Buffalo

Features facts about the Brewster F2A Buffalo fighter of World War II, which fared so poorly against the Japanese in the Pacific but was a star in the hands of Finnish pilots flying against the Russian air force in the "Continuation War".

Annals of the Flying Tigers

Presents a wide array of file listings about the the American Volunteer Group commanded by Claire Chennault.

Belgian Aviation History Association

Navigate through news detail, team details, recoveries, collections, achievements, museums, links and contact facts.

Biplane Fighter Aces from the Second World War

Explore facts about the biplane fighter aces, their aircraft and major aerial operations were biplane fighters took part.

Luft '46

Compilation of link pages and information that would support facts about the Luft 46.

Marine Corps Aces of WWII

Covers the topic of Wildcat and Corsair pilots at Guadalcanal and the Solomon's.

Navigating through World War II

Historical memory of the war years, this includes link pages of related information.

The Warbird's Forum

Contains 400 files on airplanes, pilots, and military history.

Zenos Warbird Video Drive-In

Provides aircraft videos for training and viewing.

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