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Treblinka Concentration Camp

A Year in Treblinka

Story of an inmate who escaped the camp, with detailed facts about the torturous experiences and sufferings.

Frontline: Treblinka

PBS documentary report about Treblinka.

Institute for Historical Review: Treblinka

Article about the wartime aerial photos of Treblinka cost new doubt on death camps.

Stroop on Treblinka

First hand accounts on Treblinka death camp information.

Testimonies of Treblinka SS-Men

All of the documents on this Web page were retrieved from the archives of Shamash.


Compilation of information about Treblinka.


Gives introduction, historical overview, location guide, memorial stone information, stone sculptures, symbolic cemetery, links and mailing list.

Treblinka (Poland)

Story overview of what really happend at Treblinka camp.

Treblinka Extermination Camp

Provides recent photos of Treblinka Extermination Camp.

We Remember Treblinka

This site is dedicated to Yankel Wiernik of blessed memory, with collections of poetic verses.

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